Men's Shed Projects

  1. Turbo Member

    Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
    Thought I'd start a thread on some recent Mens Shed projects, some of which I've been involved in.

    A local school wanted us to make an 'anti-bullying tree'. The idea is that the pupils hang messages on the branches about bullying. All we had to work from was a photo of another tree made from pallet wood.

    We decided to make one from our own design & came up with this.


    It started life as a bog willow (black sally we call it) & extra willow branches were tenoned into the trunk.

    It sits on a plywood box with hidden castors underneath. The top of the box is covered in 3 colours of willow & the sides were engraved with positive words.


    P1050447.JPG P1050449.JPG


    It was launched earlier today at the school prize giving & our shed members were treated like royalty, they absolutely loved the tree!

    Another school saw pics of the tree & they want one too, for next week!
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  2. Turbo Member

    Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

    This is a bench made by our oldest member, at 87 he's the hardest working person there! The back & seat are spalted beech, the arms are apple, the legs, stays & back supports are ash.


    This is a quirky bench made by our honorary female member. She is very artistic, nothing is straight on the bench but somehow it all works together. She is the person who did the writing on the tree base.


    We do some restoration work. This was an oak church chair & we stripped off the terrible varnish & treated it with Danish oil. It looks a lot nicer in the flesh & miles better than when it came in!

    P1050456.JPG P1050457.JPG

    This was a project started by a member who stopped coming. It was a sin to waste such a nice bit of wood so we are finishing it off. It will hopefully be a chair.


    A guy with spina bifida started coming & we started him on bird houses. We had the wood cut, all he had to do was assemble & paint it.


    This is his current project, a child's chair. He also made a nice bedside table in beech which I didn't get a photo of.
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  3. slim_boy_fat

    slim_boy_fat Forum Supporter

    No pressure, then. :laughing:

    Good work on all of the above :thumbup:
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  4. CoValent

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    Limerick, Ireland
    Some cracking workmanship there, Turbo! I really like those bench seats.
  5. nickk Forum Supporter

    Gorgeous shapes,nice to work with the natural curves and benefit from that strength.
    Reminds me,I have some contorted willow branches to utilise.
  6. Turbo Member

    Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
    I have only been part of the team that made the tree & other group projects, I haven't made a bench yet! I am mostly 'technical support', repairing tools, fixing stuff they break, etc. I've just piped up an airline system connected to the compressor I overhauled.

    Most of our stock of decent beech planks has been used but our sawmill man rang to say he has another batch ready! I've been told I'm having first pick of them, my parents are 60 years married in September & I'm making a bench for them!
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  7. ukracer Forum Supporter

    What did you use for pipe??
  8. Turbo Member

    Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
    I used some old 3/8" bore heavy wall oxy acetylene hose I bought at an auction. It was still in good condition but not worth risking on the gas bottles but rated at 3000 psi it was ok for an airline at 100 psi!
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