Label thread.

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    Another age related issue.
    I read recently a thread where the OP used lockdown to tidy workshop and create labels. I came today to read it more in depth but I can't find it. Anyone claim it? Or know who wrote it etc?
  2. colnerov

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    Nr Gatwick UK
  3. ukracer Forum Supporter

    No mate. Not that one. Although I like the 3D printed drill holders.

    It was a thread where the OP was adding loads of either Lazer or engraved labels. I have a feeling they were light yellow but that might have been the camera.
  4. ukracer Forum Supporter

    I think you might more accurately describe then as signs rather than labels.
    If I remember correctly he had more than one sign on each draw with items inside.
    Bit like this one
  5. ukracer Forum Supporter

    To confirm what I was worried about in the polygon turning thread
    (Stuff you Have made today)
    My brain is fried :(
    I spotted my latest model engineers magazine cover and realised I was being a numpty.
    The label/sign thread was not in the forum :(
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  6. slim_boy_fat

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    Age cometh not alone. :laughing: We've all done similar things, don't worry about it.
  7. ukracer Forum Supporter

    But I am doing some real strange things. Like giving my wife money without her asking for it. Lol
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  8. RichardM Member

    Better go and see the Doctor - maybe A&E! That's really serious :o
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  9. Country Joe Argoshield Dark

    Somerset - United Kingdom
    You're not the only one, so don't worry about it - I thought that thread was somewhere on here, when you first asked about it.
    I even had a look for it, thinking that you maybe weren't too good at searching!

    Obviously I couldn't find it, either!
    Hence, no reply!
    Until now!

    All the Best,
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  10. ukracer Forum Supporter

    And you have Model Engineers workshop as well. Lol
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  11. Country Joe Argoshield Dark

    Somerset - United Kingdom
    No, I dont! - I thought it was published exclusively for people with lathes!

    And I definitely haven't ever done any polygonal turning - as you probably know!

    All the Best,

    (lathe-less & lost!)
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