Kempotig 250

  1. Brad93

    Brad93 M J B Engineering

    Can anyone tell me what the gas and water connections are on the front of the old Kempotig 250 AC/DC machines?

    Are they ⅜” BSP.

    I **Language** the torch up at work today by dropping a pipe on it.

    They will get another but they’re crap torches. I want to price up a CK For them.
    Ideally a 300 TrimLine Flex Neck.
  2. Richard.

    Richard. Forum Supporter

    Brad kemppi machines were always gas/power connected with a 1/4bsp
    Water I’m not sure of but if it’s the same as gas/power then it will almost certainly be 1/4bsp too.
    It’s a strange set up that will require an adapter probably from parweld if your Fitting a ck torch. Because on a kemppi water cooled torch the water return doesn’t go to the power line like conventional torches. The parweld adapter connects the lines up inside so that you can have water going down the return and gas with its own independent line.
  3. hotponyshoes Member

    Somerset. Uk
    Not sure about the older stuff but I have got a load of kemppi torches here that all have the rectus 19 style fittings on them.

    I think if you go back to the older ones that had the water in/out on the front panel of the machine they were internal threads which is the same as you find on most threaded torches so you might need a Male-male adaptor anyway. If that's the case it might be better to get a couple of adaptors to fit whatever torches you are planning to use and update the welder
  4. Munkul Member

    Cumbria, UK
    We had little adapter pieces for our mastertigs, to take it from whatever-it-is thread on the machine to a 3/8"BSP for gas/power. Supplied by LWS.

    I didn't think they were as small as 1/4" though, but I might have been wrong...