JCB 4 in 1 bucket on a Ford 555?

  1. General Lee Member

    Hi there,

    I'd like to put a 4 in 1 bucket on my Ford but I'm having problems sourcing a Ford one at a reasonable cost. JCB buckets are more plentiful around here. The hangers on the JCB are wider and have bigger pins. I'd like to be able to sell on the bucket again should the time come and keeping the bucket JCB would be the best option.

    Has anyone ever seen a JCB bucket fitted to the front of a FORD digger without modifying it?
    An adapter plate would push the bucket out further reducing the lifting capacity so I'm looking at simpler/cheaper options.

    The hangers and pins are wider/bigger on a JCB. Would it be possible to turn up spacers and make brackets that fill the gaps? or would the pins potentially bend as a result of wide hangers and narrow arms?

    Any advice in how to make this happen appreciated!
  2. Omniata

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    How much bigger, could you make a sleeve to beef up the smaller ford pin?
    Then make/source a wider pin?
  3. General Lee Member

    Hi there, thanks for the reply! Yeah, I was thinking of something along the same lines. "Would it be possible to turn up spacers and make brackets that fill the gaps?"

    Turn "Sleeves" as you say (I was calling them spacers) the same diameter as the JCB pin with the centres bored out to a Ford pin, placing them place either side of the ford hangers into the bucket hangers.
    Additionally, I was thinking of putting a flat plate "bracket" between the top and bottom pins with holes bored out and place sung to either side of the ford hanger and weld them to the sleeves to keep the distances the same. I don't know if I'm explaining myself properly but I hope to make up a sketch of it.

    Its only planned out in my head awhile as I don't have the exact measurements. The inside of each hangers off the ford will fit with about 10mm to spare to the JCB bucket hangers roughly, however its the outsides where the space has to be made up as there's at least 50mm on the outsides of the ford hangers before it meets the JCB hangers.

    The tilt holes are a similar height also.

    My only worry was deflection of the pin and the wear it might cause while tilting. That's why I wanted to weld the sleeves to the bracket to tighten it up.
  4. My JCB 4in 1 is very heavy almost 2 ton I believe
  5. bletchmonster

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    Your theory of filler plates between top and bottom pins, welded to bucket bosses, sounds ok to me. As long as the holes are reasonable snug on the pins it should prevent pin deflection.
    As said, they are a heavy bucket. Is it a ford backhoe loader, or a tractor loader?
  6. chris-law Member

    It's a backhoe loader , why don't you just chop the old brackets off and welding new ones on , it's got to be worth more with a 4 in 1 bucket if you ever want to sell it on .
  7. Bill Edwards Member

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    I'm not really following/understanding the current plan but you need to make sure that the pins are supported both sides reasonably close to where the load is, use a long pin with a big gap from end to end and expect it to bend or break.

    If you can make a neat job of it I would just weld onto the new bucket and paint it, provided the new brackets won't interfere with it being used on a JCB then a smart job shouldn't lower the value that much, in my view.