Jasic ac/dc digital mini torch plug

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    I remember doing quite a bit of searching across the internet and could never find an answer to what type of plug the torch used. I wanted to change the torch because the standard one isn't very ergonomic so rather than jamming two bits of wire into the socket I actually managed to get some information off the plug.

    This is what you need



    It's called an xs12j2y and is available on eBay in a pack of five from the Far East for about a tenner. They are a 5 pin 12mm fitment and are SPECIFICALLY a REVERSE plug. You can get them as a non reverse style which i bought first unknowingly and although they are the same plug they don't fit because the pins and holes are in the opposite plug and can't be exchanged into the correct way (I tried and managed to get by until I purchased the correct reverse plugs) they do come as a complete assembly but of course you only need one half of the plug. When I bought mine they were available from this eBay item number 312725328336 and only took about two months for delivery...
    I don't know if this is the same as any other of the jasic machines but if they have a small five pin socket it's likely it is.
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    Some of the DC machines have a 2 pin version.
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    Stahlwerk use same plug