Is my welder good.

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    Hi all,i am new to this forum,but i do have a question,i have a clarke 151TE turbo,i haven't used it yet as only just acquired,i intend to do some panel replacement on a mk 2 golf,which is in need of some panel repair work,what i want to know is will my welder do spot welds without blowing holes in the metal,as it is thin in certain areas,any help or advice would be great..
    Kind regards..
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  2. Wozzaaah

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    Yes, it will be fine.
    Many of our members have that machine.
    If you haven't already, have a look at our tutorial.
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    The welder will be capable of doing it no problem ,,, the question is , are you ...

    Messing aside ,, if your running it with gas , and with practice it will easily do all you want on car body work , lots of videos to watch if youve not done that sort of work before ,, a decent mask is a must , and gloves too , then its just practice , and more practice , on sheet the same thickness as you will be working on till your happy , a few bits of clean 2mm will be useful as a start point , then work down to thinner stuff when your hands in.
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    the first sentence sums it up perfectly

    Have you welded before?
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