I need some 4130 bending

  1. Shox Dr

    Shox Dr Chief Engineer to Carlos Fandango

    I’m about to start building a space frame chassis for a light aircraft. This involves 3 complex hoops for front and rear bulkheads.

    I’ve enough on without these to do. Looking for a company to CNC (preferably) bend these for us

    Material is 4130 1.250"x0.049-0.063"
  2. Paul.

    Paul. Moderator Staff Member

    Northampton. UK
    Might be a bit to far away for you, but round here if anyone wants a bit of clever tube bending doing they take it here.
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  3. Fazerruss

    Fazerruss Member

    West Yorkshire
    I'd be really interested in some build pics Dave. Sounds an interesting project.
  4. Shox Dr

    Shox Dr Chief Engineer to Carlos Fandango

    Thanks. He wants me to do it regardless of cost. EHP:D. I’ve been up’t stairs and redesigned them:whistle:. They were a combination of rolled and drawn bends; what you get when the designer just sits at a desk. I’ve squared a lot off, so it will be easier to do now.

    @Fazerruss. It is very interesting. All the structural integrity has been removed, so this frame will increase this to take a bigger engine, single seat, different landing gear, canopy, windscreen, engine cowl.

    It wont look like the Plane it started out as thats for sure:artist: