hydraulic bottle jack??

  1. johnakay

    johnakay Member

    hydraulic bottle jack dont seem to last now a days.
    I've 2 these year already packed up on me.
    20 ton--- 32 ton both gave up after about 4 hours use.
    these were made by Nielsen granted they were cheap.
    I'm a bit reluctance to spend high dollar incase others goes the same way.
    I think what ******* them up is when punching slots etc.
    while pumping it seems to go slow then just punches through rather quickly as if it had let go.
    so I'm looking for a good bottle jack or something will can take the punching malarky.
    I dont want to spend to much as I'm now slowing down in my work(retiring 67 in a couple of days)
    I only do a bit to keep me occupied save me from getting bored.
    any info is welcome
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  2. zzr1200

    zzr1200 Working at 650 ft on open steel work

    Brimington, Chesterfield, Derbyshire
    An Elliot or Webber would be my choice...
  3. frank horton

    frank horton V twins are great but 4"s rule.........

    manchester, UK
    I've always preferred Tangye.........most are ally and always top quality......service parts are available.....
  4. rikrobson

    rikrobson Member

    Perth, Scotland
    if you are punching would a fly press not be better? you are getting the energy into the system quicker than with a Hydraulic press so the action is faster and in one shot. If you use a hydraulic then you are putting a small amount of energy in a bit at a time. once the metal gives the pressure will drop a bit.
  5. ibrooks Member

    UK Lancashire
    Have you done any sort of post-mortem to see what actually breaks? or have they just gone back to the shop as "dud" and been replaced/refunded?
  6. johnakay

    johnakay Member

    ((Have you done any sort of post-mortem)) yes.
    cant see internally obviously but the little pump or plunger leaks .
    so I think thats where the air get suck in.
    going to buy some hypoy 80 oil tomorrow its a little thick so hopefully that will sort.
    I'll take a look at others mention above.
    the problem these days is everything is made in china.
    so names wont make any different unless made in house.
    also nothing less than 20 ton.
  7. johnakay

    johnakay Member

    just been told I cant use hypoy 80 oil.
    maybe thats why I couldn't the others to work. silly me.
    I'll get the hydraulic oil and see if I can sort it.