How would I tackle this?

  1. mark fleming

    mark fleming Member

    this is whats left of my o/s door surround at the top.
    would this be the the best way to tackle it?

    what I was thinking is make up the profile and tack/weld in onto a piece which would go acroos the doorway, then try and weld that bit by a series of tack welds across the seam, with a few spot welds where there is actually metal.

    I would have to be very careful as the white is a fibre glass body off a bedford cf landcruiser and to remove it would mean taking the whole body off!!!

    hopefully you can see the damage done in the images, as its covered in curerust paint at the moment. and there is also a profile of how it should be, but I dont think it will be exact, as I'm not very good with metal work.

    regards mark
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  2. Lippyp Member

    Lancashire UK
    I take it thats a camper? Is that metal part of a standard CF cab? If so could you find one in a breakers and cut that part out?
  3. mark fleming

    mark fleming Member

    not sure if its standard, had a look on my other cf and that bits like a normal door surround, looking at the profile pic, its just the long downwards bit that will actually need welding to the cab, then its pop riveted onto the fibre glass
    i think its just supposed to be a weather seal

  4. malcolm

    malcolm & Clementine the Cat

    Bedford UK
    I'm finding it tricky to see what's going on in the photos. It's common for vehicles to rust badly where a plastic roof has been bonded on, and the rot will continue underneath the plastic.

    What to do depends on how structural it needs to be. I suspect crashing or rolling a CF van would be a bad thing to do at the best of times, especially one where the roof has been replaced with plastic. So maybe it doesn't need to be all that structural.

    Your proposal sounds like it would work. Makes sense to cut away any completely rotten stuff and weld to what you have left.