Hostess trolley

  1. stuvy

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    does anyone know if the Philips hostess trolleys have a temperature gauge to set them in degrees C or even F.

    We need a way of proving dough and merranges at work with the temperature at 40c
  2. Bullet2012

    Bullet2012 Forum Supporter

    Some have an adjustable temperature control, others have a couple of different temperature switch settings, hi-low style.
    Not sure what the temperature range is though
  3. stuvy

    stuvy Member

    Iv emailed a few people on eBay to ask as there’s one a few minutes away from me for £5
  4. rtcosic

    rtcosic Member

    We have one from c. 1990.

    It has no temperature adjustment.

    It gets 'quite warm' given long enough - well above 40 deg C I'd guess, but below 60 deg C.

    It is rated for 410-490W according to the data plate I've just gone out to read.

    For £5 a few minutes away surely it's a case of 'buy it and try it'. If it doesn't have an adjustable thermostat then there's a nice little weekend project!

    Add an Arduino or whatever and you can make a ridiculously over complicated version with timer, variable ramp-up, stable period, variable cool down and control it from Adelaide or Vladivostok with your mobile phone.

    Where's your sense of adventure lad?
  5. ukracer Forum Supporter

    Its all going to be a bit hit and miss though. I like those things with handles on each end for cooking on (teppanyaki) . sadly the thermostat on all those I have tried is not accurate enough and its either on or off. Too long in either SO cooking experience is not the best. I might be wrong as a hostess trolley was expensive back in its day!
  6. stuvy

    stuvy Member

    How would I go about fitting a temperature gauge?
  7. rtcosic

    rtcosic Member

    I shall leave that as an exercise for the student.

    Or you could buy a cheap interior/exterior temperature gauge next time Lidl or Aldi have them in their Magical Middle Aisle of Mystery.

    I have succumbed several times and have a few scattered around the house/garage/shed. I used one to check the fridge and freezer - the wires are so thin they do not disturb the seals.

    I'm off to fit the external sensor inside our trolley and turn it on - I'll report back in an hour or two.
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  8. rtcosic

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    Started it at 18h36 at ambient - 21.1 C

    Just checked at 18h58 and it was 'off the clock'. Checked the 'max' and it was 68.5 C, much to my surprise.
  9. stuvy

    stuvy Member

    Thanks for that mate
  10. hotponyshoes Member

    Somerset. Uk
    You can add a temp controller easy enough,
    I have fitted them to mobile ovens to get them to run low enough to use as a plate warmer.

    If you get a "programmable pid temperature controller" then you can calibrate it and do a trial run in learning more and it will be pretty much spot on after that