Help with 1st Rear Wheel Arch repair

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    I would really appreciate any advice on the best way to repair the rear outer arch and it looks like the inner is rusty as well. The car is a old Honda civic mk6 hatchback and there is nothing wrong with it apart from this rust. I have a left hand front wheel arch from that i could use on the rear right arch to form the outer arch.I have learnt how to do basic mig welding and have .6mm wire and have practised on another wing so I think i can do it just need some guidance please.

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  2. mike 109444

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    You will need to remove that underseal back more (to at least red lines) to get to good metal. An old wood chisel is good for scraping/chipping it off, angle grinder will just smeer it. It would be worth checking to see if an inner arch repair strip is available for that car OR even one from a similar size arch. Cover the brake pipes before starting any work (old leather apron or similar should do) CHECK WHAT IS INSIDE CAR JUST BEHIND WHERE YOU WILL WELD (behind/under back seat) for flammable foam, material, cables !" You can work from the outside to the inside or vis versa but avoid removing BOTH at the same time as you then loose any reference for the parts to be welded in, as in if you still have the remains of the inner you can then cut and "fit" the new outer to the old inner and once happy with position weld in place. Then the "new" outer becomes the reference for fitting of new inner. Don't try to weld the whole of the new in in one go or you will distort the panels esp the outer wing !! If you look back through the forum you should find plenty of examples of arches being replaced.
    AND welcome BTW :hug:
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    If you have never done anything like that before I'd suggest you buy the correct repair panel, making the wrong one fit could be a very time consuming and frustrating job.
    Is this a restoration or just getting another years use out of an old car?
  4. daedalusminos Member

    The rot always goes further than you think, if available get a repair panel since it will at least get you most of the way there for the outer...could be this?:

    If you think £46 sounds expensive then time to think again - you would spend hours fabricating and fitting something similar yourself. With repair panels it's always good to get on a make/model specific forum for feedback on fit of the pattern panel

    Fit the outer first then fab the inner to fit it.
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    how long does it need to be tempted to install some fibre glass filler if another 2 years would do it , if its a keeper then yeah see if the arch is avail
  6. Shedendman

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    Do yourself a big favour as @daedalusminos says,get a replacement panel,thats the 1st thing i suggest doing where i work,the inner wing can be repaired anyway you like(afteral whos going to see it?)
    Just doing both my rear wheel arches on the van,Rusttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt:laughing:
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