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  1. Saudi Stu TractorMan in Mid-East

    near Riyadh
    Not bought anything yet. Maybe what I need is not even available!

    I'm in the "agricultural" business, and sometimes need welding work. Often, this is far from our own workshops at customer locations. Either something I am delivering needs "a little mod", or it may be during my busy "contracting season" and I push the equipment too hard and it breaks. ("time is money"!)

    Usually there's a 240v outlet within reach of a couple of cable-reels (!) and I need to weld metal that can be up to 6 mm or so (maybe even 8mm).

    This is usually a "panic" situation. I have a big 4x4 (Grand Cherokee) with a reasonable tool kit on-board, but I can't carry anything toooooo big in the way of a welder (and I'm gonna be limited by the available 13/15 amp supply)

    IS MIG the "ultimate answer" (42?) Is it possible to do what I want? Often work will be "outside" so I gather that "gassless" might be the way to go - do I just reverse the connections on the welder? Or would it be better to screen the job from any wind?

    I've been looking at a "Solter Inverter 165" welding system at a local store - lovely and compact, equivalent price works out at around 300 quid, but can it do the job (okay - I know I have to grind the job, and I carry a 240v hand grinder so that's no problem.

    Advice from the more experienced appreciated!

  2. Hitch

    Hitch Moderator Staff Member

    If it were me, i would choose a genny welder. Although its bigger, heavier and more expensive. Pick one with a 240/110 take off (probably 99% of them) and that will power your grinder as well. Work ANYWHERE.

    No running out of leads, no blown fuses, wind and rain wont matter...and you wont need to carry loads of leads!!

    Mig is okay, but in a wet muddy field its not great! And you will probably have loads of blown fuses if your welding at higher amps with a couple of extension leads!

    Mosa make a cracking little set, only downside is its about £1500.
    But its solid! and has a kick of 200amps so it will take 4mm rods. and a power take off.
    If you fancy a look, i think a 'mosa mgs' or 'mosa msg'.

    Of course, theres also another option, trade in the cherokee for a Landy, and get a PTO driven welder!! ;)