great website!

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    Congratulations on the great website Mr Mig!

    your work on the aston and mg + renault was inspirational!!
    (the aston looks like heavy duty labour...)

    The recent purchase of a '74 Alfa Spider has resulted in a new interest in mig welding...

    In order to save a lot of money on body shops (at 40euro an hour) I was
    thinking of giving it a go myself, I heard mig welding described as like a glue gun for metal,
    and sure I was good with airfix models when I was younger! I'm fairly mechanically competant but have never welded before...

    I'm located in Ireland and unfortunately there are no evening classes available in car restoration and the only evening welding classes are for Arc welding.

    Would buying a mig welder (such as a clarke 100E) and practicing with off cuts of metal be a good way to teach myself? Where in your opinion is the cheapest place to buy a welder - Machine Mart? Is the 100E enough, I remember a guy on practical classics magazine had one, but would a 130 amp welder be more like it? worth spending the extra?

    thanks again for the forum and website - most helpful...
  2. malcolm

    malcolm & Clementine the Cat

    Bedford UK
    Hi alfabrain,

    Thanks for your kind feedback. The Aston isn't really so bad - the bits that aren't rusty are pretty well immaculate, it's just the bits that are rusty are really rusty. My only worry is I'll need to weld the aluminium wings back on soon so I have a little learning to do.

    I learned to weld mostly through trial and error. I bought a welder to restore my MGA, and a friend who knew a bit about it showed me the basics. Mostly it was a case of trial and error on scrap bits of metal until I started getting neat welds with good penetration.

    My welder came from Machine Mart. I'd try to avoid the really cheap ones and go for at least 130 amps. That way you'll be certain to have enough oomph for chassis welding. Also the cheap ones can have inconsistant wire feeds which make welding difficult. I'm still happy with my Clarke 155 amp welder.

    I'd definately try to avoid the gassless welders. I bought some gassless wire when I ran out of gas and my welding was terrible - the coating burned off with so much smoke I couldn't see what I was doing. There should be enough welding in an Alfa to justify a full sized gas bottle with regulator.

    Oh - I changed my username to confuse everyone. :roll:

  3. Anonymous Guest


    Thanks Malcolm,

    I appreciate the advice!! I'll even manage to ignore the "there should be enough welding on an alfa.." dig :)

    It's not so bad really! I'm sure an MG could manage to rust just as vicously...
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  4. malcolm

    malcolm & Clementine the Cat

    Bedford UK
    I think MGs are probably the worst cars for rust - my MGB had rotten - I had to replace all of the outer panels apart from the bonnet and roof, plus all the floors and sills. The great thing about MGs is the amazing parts availability - that's why they survive.

    An Alfa Spider should make a nice project - and a nice car at the end of it all. I have a 2 litre Alfa GT in the garage at the moment - it's one of the 70s ones that's been prepared for sprinting. It's not mine - I'm just renting the space.