Euro torch conversion help please

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    I have just come across a GIANT 195 mig welder and I have used it and believe it or not it has produced some quite good welds, but the torch is past its sell by date (well past it!!) and so I want to fit a conversion kit to allow me to use a mb15 torch with euro connection. What I want to know is what voltage gas solenoid valve will I need and where do I pick up a feed for this valve, and has anyone on the forum done such a conversion and was it successful. many thanks
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    At first glance it looks like the Giant is one of those welders that has a tiny transformer on the control PCB to provide a low-power 24v supply to drive a relay only. Pressing the torch trigger will allow that relay to power-up the main welding transformer. The wirefeed motor takes it's power from the welder output, via the speed control circuit on the PCB. ( Other welders have a larger auxiliary supply, providing 24v DC for control, wirefeed, and the gas valve.)
    The Eurotorch conversion that you are planning has been done on Giant MIGs before. Most people have used a 240v AC gas solenoid. See this thread: