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  1. davethecave Ouch! That hurts.

    I'm Dave, I haven't done any welding since I was at school and that was 20 minutes with a gas torch 25 years ago. Having spent £200 having a small hole patched on my van, I decided that I would like to do the job myself next time.

    I was tempted by the SIP machines that seem to be everywhere at silly prices, I always like to research before I buy anything (I am very stingy) and having read through the many relevant posts on this forum, I have settled on the Clarke 135te which I picked up today.
    First job is a hole in the exhaust on my CB400 superdream. If my mission is successful, I will have paid tor the welder by not buying a new exhaust.

    I will try to not pester you lovely people too much, I will go through the tutorials again and again before I start on the bike.

  2. Drains

    Drains Yeah, nah.

    Sefton, South Island, NZ
    Hey Dave. Hope it's not too bright for you out here. :cool:
  3. weldequip Forum Sponsor

    "Pester" as much as you like mate, that's what we are here for.;)
  4. davethecave Ouch! That hurts.

    It is very bright out here:cool: Wait til tomorrow when I fire that machine up.

    We went to Cribbs Causeway today (out of town shopping near Bristol) My wife thought that Toys R Us might be an appropriate place for a welding machine given my excitement and her total lack of interest. I tried to explain that it was a piece of essential equipment but she just doesn't understand.

    I have a few bits of scrap metal which I will be playing with tomorrow before moving on to the real thing.

    Look out for my first questions, If there aren't any, it means that it works and I'll post a pic. Wish me luck.

  5. MrFluffy Member

    In the shed
    Dave, plugging a hole in a collector box on a superdream is normal service work isnt it? :)
    Rather than trying to weld up the pin, its easier to just weld a dirty big patch round the area and be done with it..

    Notice how since its a pooperdream (sorry but ive had loads of them as hacks along with the cb400 dream and most of honda's old small bike output so im qualified to take the mick a bit) Im just assuming its the collector box, iirc the headers themselves are double skinned and last forever. If its any consolation bike shops were patching them collectors when the bikes were 3 years old at first mot.
    Your going to tell me its the headers now, which can only mean one thing, someones replaced the collector already :)
    Brings back memories of pushing big screwdrivers down the camchain blade to unstick the tensioner yet again. And how they ran forever no matter how hard you tried to kill them.
  6. davethecave Ouch! That hurts.

    Mr Fluffy
    You know your superdreams too well. Mine is nearly 30 years old and still starts first time on the button.
    I'm afraid`the exhaust had gone beyond sensible repair work. A little bit of cleaning with a wire brush and there was more air than metal.
    Ebay came up with a second hand Motad for £45 and I grabbed it while I could.
    I am now looking for a project in order to justify my clarke expenditure.
  7. Haze

    Haze is it can be hugs tiem ?

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    eek more bristol people