diy cnc install elliott omnimill

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    I'll start with I'm no expert :D But have done a fair bit of research and intend to convert my mill (or another one) to CNC with a 4th Axis when I get time and funds allow, however the funds seem to be disappearing...

    That one seems a lot of cash for something (specifically the controller) that probably has little or no support and I'm assuming its of unknown quality?

    How much do you about the whole CNC system? ie Cad and Cam on the software side and the hardware and electronics on a machine.
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    Plus one interested, but little knowledge. Still dreaming about a rusty Centec project.
  4. ronan

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    I read about cnc conversions to older mills in the magazine "The model Engineer". It seems to be a popular thing to do, but the conversions always look a bit Heath Robinson to me, motors stuck out in the air that would be easy to knock and reams of wire everywhere.
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    leeds uk
    I’m a total novice, I can just about wire a plug :-)
    But I have some electrickery mates
  6. Mark Davison Member

    I'm part way through. Harrison vertical Mill. X axis installed, y axis almost ready. Z axis next. I've started with open loop nema 34, 8.5nm steppers but that was nothing more than a shot in the dark. I've geared them 2:1, again a shot in the dark. Watch out for things like space for ball nuts. You'll need quite a bit more depth and width to fit the ball nut vs. a bronze lead nut, which has been very tight for me on the Y axis. I'm cheating in that I'm follow Andy pugh who's you tube videos inspired my conversion. Long way still to go, only just starting to install Linux cnc on a raspberry pi 4. I want to keep cost down until I have decided if it is something I like, at which point I think I'd swap to servos.
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