DIY Blast Cabinet

  1. I have been considering doing my own blasting for a couple of years now, on the basis that I like doing things myself rather than pay someone else :-)

    Anyway, I picked up my new (second hand compressor) a few months ago. I was looking for a Wolf Dakota 3HP and ended up finding a Burisch version (same compressor - different label). It was 3 months old and I got it for £200. They were also selling a Clarke Blast Pot along with a Soda Conversion Kit for £100 so I grabbed that as well. (didn't come with a sieve or funnel :-( ). It's the CSB100 model.

    Using My Blast Pot With a Cabinet
    My question is this, If I build my own cabinet, is it worth rigging it up to use the Blast Pot and Hose along with the Soda Conversion, or is this going to be a pain, as opposed to getting a different gin setup?

    Guide Recommendation
    Also can anyone point me to a decent guide on building a DIY setup with recommended dimensions and ball park figure on build cost? There are several around but wanted some recommendations.

    DIY or Not
    I am still considering whether its worth building a DIY as opposed to just getting my parts done by someone else, or biting the bullet and buying a cabinet. I could only really afford the larger of the two Clarke types.

    Tumble Dryer Conversion
    I also had a thought this morning about popping to the recycling centre and picking up one or two old Tumble Dryers and using them as the basis for the cabinet? Or is it better to construct from Plywood with a metal inside?

    Thanks for reading my mornings ramblings :-)
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    build a cabinet big enough to take a car wheel get a decent extracta for it . I use a 4inch woodchip unit on mine ithas a suction gun inside and I also use the pressure pot with blast hose poked through the glove hole. il take some picture later and post
    • blastcabinet.JPG
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    Agree with @brightspark post.

    Your compressor is small for blasting but if you have the time to wait or are only doing small parts it will be fine.

    The pressure pot will be a huge improvement on a suction feed so even if you buy a cabinet it is well worth converting to a pressure pot. However the pressure pot will need a few mods before it will work really well (although still far better than a suction set up)

    I made a DIY cabinet out of an old galv water tank and while it worked it was more work than it was worth.
    Second hand cabinets come up for not a lot of money (been a few in the for sale section recently) and it might be a better way to go unless you need a particularly big one or just want to go DIY for the hell of it.
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    If you are looking at buying a cheap one (as opposed to Guyson etc), look at something like the SBC420.
    You want one with the media flow unit on the bottom and a foot operated pedal, not cheapy syphon gun style ones - they suck (or rather, they don't).

    Most of the parts for these bigger generic Chinese cabinets are also available cheaply on ebay etc. So it is quite easy and inexpensive to get the glass, foot pedal, gloves and media valve unit.
    I built mine out of plywood as I needed something quickly that needed to fit in and odd space. If you put a piece of sheet metal or rubber in the back it will deflect most of the blast and the wood will last a very long time.

    Paint the inside white and fit some sealed LED lights - the more light you can get the better.

    Pick up a Clemco BNP style gun (these are also available as cheap clones which take the same consumables) and invest in a carbide nozzle for it - they aren't cheap but last a very long time.
    This sort of setup along with the media flow valve is far superior to syphon guns and rarely, if ever, clog. You will need some serious air to run the setup 20cfm+

    Dust extraction is crucial, not only for your health but if you want to see what you are doing and not replace the glass every 5 minutes.
    I use a Clarke 4 inch wood dust extractor and pipe the output directly outside.
    The other option would be a shop vac and a cyclone which would help you recover some of the media.
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  5. What mods will be needed to the Blast Pot?
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    If you pm me your e-mail address I can send you a set of plans for a blasting cabinet I got from scottmk1 on this forum.