Difference between Lincon 231 & 305

  1. irn_bru_ce Member

    So have had 4x3h sessions now at college as a complete beginner on a MIG course

    First sessions were using a Lincon 305 with the seperate wire feeder on top, managed to get the hang of the setting and was managing not too bad welds. Had a nice sizzling noise during the welds and when moving back towards the puddle the noise would increase slightly compered to pushing into fresh metal.

    Last night I was on a Lincon 231 machine and really struggled to get the same result as I had the previous sessions. Spent about an hour trying to alter the speed of the wire and the voltage, but took ages to get the welding like I had been doing before. In the end I was getting welds that werent as good as I had been doing but were better than when I egan the session, the one thing i did notice is that the welding was very loud, as though I had the power way too high, so I think that was confusing me and as I was decreasing the power I was getting the wire to hit the back of the pool and intermitant arc.

    Should all MIG welders have a similare sounding sizzling sounds or are some just very loud and thats just the way they operate?
  2. They are all different due to differences in specification etc, if you are swapping to another machine and want to replicate the settings the easiest way is to set the wire feed speed the same then dial the voltage in to suit, it won’t be exactly the same but as near as dammit.