1. matt1978


    Here you can see a small video of how simple CoBots (Collaborative Robots) can be to programe.

    You only literally need to point the welding torch into the position where you want it to start, do the same for the end and your away.

    Incredibly easy, especially when compared to industrial robots!

    (This is a video from our stand at Dusseldorf, whereby normal members of the public were invited to programe the robot and perform a simple weld)

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  3. slim_boy_fat

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    Will it weld round corners? :scared:
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  4. matt1978


    Yeah.......zig zags and Circles :whistle:
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    I’d probably still manage to get the tungsten stuck, or something :doh:
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  6. matt1978


    I’m sure that’s how a lot of people could perceive this sort of technology.

    I saw a quote based on research by some committee to the Metal working industry in Europe and the number 1 concern of owners within this industry for the short/medium term future of their business was the lack of availability of skilled workers.

    A long way behind this was the threat of Chinese manufacturing and increased costs of raw materials.
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  8. matt1978


    Collaborative robots are specifically designed to work “alongside” humans, they don’t have to be locked away in a dedicated cell or behind light guards. They are low speed and low mass and are full of sensors so any contact to a human or fixed object such as jigs or fixtures that offers some resistance will cause the robot to stop.

    The maker of the Robot is a company called Universal Robots.

    They are the market leader in the Collaborative Robot segment, they grew by over 1000% (thousand) during the last 3 years and have plans to grow a further 1000% over the next 3 years.

    The pace of change is frightening
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