CNC mill or laser cut? need 10off

  1. Matchless

    Matchless I started with nothing, still have most of it left

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    I could do with 10 of these, steel, ideally either suitable for surface hardening or a harder steel grade would work,, it is a half compression lever that lifts the exhaust tappit about 40 thou when engaged, only used when starting the engine, after that it is just the weight of the rocker rubbing on the secondary cam, 11mm or 0.435" thick, flat, 5/16" hole, can be drilled after, 1 3/4" x 1 1/2" max size, I could hand finish if laser of plasma cut, I have a sample,

    It is a bit that falls out when the timing chest is removed so easily lost, went through 6 of my engines before I found one! only used 1931--1934............

    20200823_180215.jpg 20200823_180221.jpg 20200823_180250.jpg

  2. pressbrake1

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    Heat treatable size is stumbling block with laser.
    Not only suitable material that can take ht but laser with harden the steel rendering it very difficult to finish the bore to tolerance and finish required
    I’d get them edm wire cut from pre hardened plate
  3. Milkybars

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    What about en24 watercut, then milled. Nitrided at the end.
    Recently got some parts of en24 Nitrided, no distortion or problems with finished dimensions. (I can recommend a firm in the midlands)