Clear powder coat on steel

  1. Davek0974

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    Might have a job coming up where customer wants bare steel wall plaque given an effect with a sander and then clear coated.

    Trouble is, i've never used clear coat :)

    99% of my stuff is satin black, 1% gloss white

    I guess it goes on like any other powder, straight onto the bare steel??

    I have got some powder just never used it :)
  2. stuvy Member

    Yep exactly the same

    It’s used on alloys if they have been wet sprayed it by proper companies in coloured alloys to give a hi sheen gloss finish

    Saying that you can’t get clear in Matt and satin
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  3. james butler

    james butler Member

    birmingham england
    i used toolstation industrial laquer which worked on my bed really well as another option?
    only problem i can see with a clear powder coat is it going yellow in the sun which you might get with the laquer but how hard would it then be to refinnish?
    just something to think about anyway.
  4. minimutly Member

    Pembrokeshire Wales
    I don't like powder coat, but never used 2 pack lacquer on steel either, so don't know, sorry
  5. stuvy Member

    It’s not like 2 pack and won’t fade as quick nor will it rub off but if water gets in due to a crack it’s coming off
  6. Dcal Member

    Antrim Northern Ireland
    If the effect with a sander is a sanded finish, then that's got to help with whatever you are putting on top sticking.
    I've no experience of powder coating but I really don't like it.
    That might be because of the amount of crap powder coating I seem to take off but whats it like if done properly?
    I also find it a pig to take off, unless the water has got underneath, then it comes off in sheets.

    2K clear is an option, it is often applied directly on metal (on polished rims and the like) but not recommended and any coating on a polished surface is bad news.
    You might be able to etch the plaque with citric acid or the like to key the surface before the powder coating or paint?

    2K does give you the option of full matt to full gloss however and won't yellow.
    You will need the right safety gear though.