Clarke SE15C150 stripdown/rebuild

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    I bought a SE15C150 on Friday, the seller said it needed a new motor after it was checked out by a sparky. I've taken the motor apart and it's very clean inside, I've measured the resistance of the coils - 2.3, 0.8 and 3.1 ohms, the two smaller value's added together should give the resistance of the third which it does.

    I can only presume that it's failed an insulation resistance test, I'm hoping I can borrow a Megger tester and test it out myself. It's a 230V motor and I read that it should be tested at 500V DC, someone mentioned applying the test voltage for 60 second's before measuring the resistance and others have just measured the resistance straight off so I'm not sure what's correct?

    I've been stripping the pump down and there are some differences to the SE16C150 which gasket999 rebuilt four year's ago.

    Only one crankshaft bearing at the pulley end, a bush at the other end. No big end cap so the connecting rods will have to slip off the end of the crank.

    How to remove the crankshaft, press it out from the bush end?

    Also, the inlet valves are pinned onto the valve plate. I was thinking about grinding off the heads and knocking the pins out, I can then tap the holes and use some stainless socket head screws to fit them back on.
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    No offence to the sparkies here but I’ve seen a few machines with motors that have been condemned as they have been tripping rcd’s repeatedly. After testing it’s been the plugs that have caused the issues, internal shorts inside the plugs with no visible arcing. Not saying in your case it’s the plug.
    Just test first then if the readings to low leave the test voltage applied and see if the reading improves. Avoid flash testing if at all possible
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    That's the thing, I don't want to condemn and scrap a motor without testing it myself despite what someone else has said about it. My nephew is a refrigeration engineer so I'll ask if he has a megger that I can borrow, you can also buy cheap one's for £30 which would do the job and would be handy to have.