CBR gone to pastures new, next project home.

  1. Well, the CBR went last week and this morning I got a train to Bristol and rode this one owner 46k bike back.

    Looking a bit sorry for itself. I cannot understand why people let their bikes get into a state like this. Don't think it had seen soapy water in a long time.


    One quick wash later with a load of degreaser turned it into this.



    Got the gear linkage off and over to my mate Darren at Fairfield Tool & Die to stick a brass bush into it to take away 46k worth of slop so I decided to clean up the footrest when it was off.


    Subframe off to give it a coat of paint along with the grab rail and a few brackets.

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  2. Spent a few hours on it today. Mopped the tank and rear hugger.


    Prepped and painted the rusty subframe and peeling grab rail.



    Took advantage on the warm sun to cure the paint and when I finished for the day I stuck it back on loosely to dry over the next few days.

    1795.JPG 1798.JPG
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    coming up nicely.
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    Liking the new fingerless nitrile gloves
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  5. Haha, I always do the same thing. Too busy to change them.

    Got this back from Darren tonight. I would seriously love to have a lathe here!

    1805.JPG 1804.JPG
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  6. A little old school engineering later :) .... and it's packed with grease and back on.

    1807.JPG 1810.JPG
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  7. Todays work consisted of getting the under tray back in after cleaning it up.


    Then reassembling the rear bodywork following mopping the seat plastics.


    I then tried to start the bike and it wouldn't catch and had "FI" displayed on the dash along with a flashing red LED. The good thing with Suzukis is you can link 2 x pins in the diagnostic plug under the seat which will then give you a fault code. It was showing C23 which checked out as tip over switch when searching online.
    I removed it and opened it up and found the spindle had popped out of its housing. I got it sitting right and back inside the case and remounted and it started on the button. Wahay. :clapping:
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  8. Todays efforts:



    After, (I also drilled and tapped the swingarm to accept the Scotoil twin feed attachment so I could get rid of the tie wraps)


    Took off the can and gave it a wipe over with thinners to get rid of the tar spots then gave it a good buff up with some Solvol on the pillar drill. Also finished polishing the other footrest hanger,


    I also had a couple of pairs of LED indicators here so I've ordered an LED indicator relay from the bay and fitted them.

    1831.JPG 1830.JPG

    ...and at the front,

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    great job and that will make a very nice cross country sprinter:thumbup:...that dealer diagnostic plug is handy init, have the same on my TL for retrieving faults. ive spent most of today removing a datatool system3 from my FJR:vsad:
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    yea saw that but ime footballs deep into it now and past the point of no return;)
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  12. Today saw me remove the rear wheel to give it a thorough clean (I also gave it a good treatment with Meguiars paint renovator, polish then Carnuba wax so it should be easier to clean in the future) and re-grease the bearings (once I knew they were in good order), clean up the rusty adjuster plates and spindle then strip and clean the rear brake caliper and inside the swingarm.

    I found a novel use for my old Hilmar cable benders and an old CBR fork :) .....well, I had to get some heat into the parts as it's horrible outside today.


    So got it all back together and it looks far more presentable.

    1836.JPG 1838.JPG

    I do however have to repair the side stand and give it a coat of paint.
    How do you tear off the bottom of a stand!!!

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    :dontknow: :D
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  14. That would do it :whistle::D
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    Essex near the Thames
    Fancy getting another bike. Haven't had one for a while. Maybe an RC30
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  16. Speaking to the previous owner, what actually done it was pulling the bike over on the side stand to turn it in its own space. :)
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    I've heard of that trick but never tried it as I don't think the stand is designed for that sort of loading.
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    I used to do that with my rsvr in the kitchen
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  19. I do it too from time to time.
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    I've done it too but not sure I'd get away with digging a hole in the kitchen floor...