Car trike thingy....

  1. Blackjack Member

    Bristol UK
    This is something I started building about 7 years ago.

    It's an Alfa Romeo powered trike, with a 2-litre DOHC motor in it from an Alfetta GTV hooked up to an auto transaxle from a 75 V6.

    Front end is Harley Wide Glide, Rear wheels are AC Cobra 289. Well actually they're brand new and would fit a 289 Cobra rather than being off of one... :whistle:

    All in 1 1/2" CFS 3, using the De Dion tube from the Alfetta as the rear most frame member.

    I stopped working on it because I got knocked off of the bike on the way home one night, and it's basically sat in the corner ever since while I've been trying to get my life sorted out. With a bit of luck, it ought to get dragged out of the corner and sorted out sometime this year.




    The thing you'll notice is how much affordable digital cameras have progressed in that time. :D
  2. andypocock

    andypocock Member

    One worth getting on the road Blackjack.
  3. RedOrZed Member

    Milton Keyneses
    That looks funky fellah, would be cool to get going! I love the wheels :)
  4. madkayaker

    madkayaker Pro sparkey Pro Welder

    looks great fun keep it going and keep us updated!
  5. chunkolini

    chunkolini celebrity artiste

    Very very very handsome, and I dont often like trikes.
    Is it getting the steering and seating so they dont look like add ons that is the key?
    I can see why I like it, It looks designed as a whole, so many car engined trikes look like an engine with three wheels stuck on the corners.

    Keep us posted on this one.

    Stick with it, I got badly mashed up once, 6 weeks in traction, 9 months in plaster, bone grafts the whole caboodle, rebuilt the bike while on crutches, rode it once and did not touch it for months, eventually bit by bit I got into it again, then one day out came the sun, bendy roads etc etc. I felt reborn.

    Take your time over it, I found that getting back on board helped me to get my head back together. A great form of rehab.

  6. Blackjack Member

    Bristol UK
    I do find that I prefer riding on sunny days now. Cold days result in a knee that won't work for an hour or two... :dontknow:

    There's a list I'm working my way through. This has to be quite far down it as I need a lot of stuff out the way before I have the room to work on it.
  7. Robotstar5

    Robotstar5 Casanunda Staff Member

    I've had to warm my knee up under the hot air hand drier at the motorway services to get it working!