Buggy pics

  1. I have got round to taking some pics still dont know what engine is going in it but it will be a bike btween 600 to 1200cc
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  2. madkayaker

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    looks good keep it up!
  3. lots and lots of hard work tube notching there, by hand or by machine?
    does look good
  4. Started using a hole saw but after braking to drill bits and 1 saw we are now doing it by hand with a grinder and it takes just along as setting up the drill with just as good results the one n the pic was started with a drill to give us the radius then cut with the grinder
  5. blimey that is slow and painful method, still the results are good
  6. Its archery quiet fast after a bit of practice draw it. slit it, grind it lol using the bench drill is the best but it only goes down to 500rpm so its way to fast for cutting 32mm holes
  7. Looks good, but not sure about the upward slope at the front.

    Assuming you are having wishbone front suspension where is the front of the lower wishbone going to mount. Most similar vehicles I've seen carry the flat horizontal rails forward to this point then kick upwards.
  8. It has brackets that need to be made to locate the upper and lower A arms the slopping front should help to shrug of blows from tree stomps as well as give more clearance I see if I can get a pic of a finished one with the A arms on
    • BC_susp.jpg
  9. The angle of the suspension helps to make the ride smoother as you hit a bump they want to backwards not 90 degrees up so the angle is like a compromise its one of those things that’s easier to explain in person not type
  10. Yep see were your going now.

    Looks a good design, and a very nice machine.

    How's bump steer with those angles though?
  11. I honestly have no idea but they should be ok because the hubs are still mounted as if there was a normal a arm suspension so that will still lean slightly forward but I will find out in summer lol
  12. daf45

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    porn :clapping:
  13. simon718

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    Norn' Iron
    that looks outstanding bucko, always wanted to make something like that, but there is absolutley nowhere round here to use such a thing
  14. Nathan

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    That looks awesome! always wanted to build a buggy. When i get a bigger garage im definately going to build one :]
  15. Sam

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    Have a look at the edge site in customers buggies there are a couple of lads up north that built them. http://www.git.com.au/~theedge/customerbuggies.htm
  16. simon718

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    Norn' Iron
    ah nice one sam, will have to see if i can get in contact with some of the guys, see where they use them, thanks very much mate