BSEN287-1 - MIG Welding 50mm steel pipes and fittings

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    I am tendering for a project and need to understand more about the standards laid out in the above BS.

    The tender specification calls for work to be carried out by welders which are coded to the above. However joints are to BS2971 - which I understand is a lower code ?

    Could someone offer some advice as to what is needed to meet the BS-EN287 and also if there are welders available who could price such work.

    Many thanks

    Extract from the tender specification:

    Pipework will be in heavy weight black steel, and have welded

    joints to BS 2971 Specification for Class II welding of carbon steel pipework for carrying fluids.

    Welders to be coded to BSEN 287 Part 1 (ISO9606). NB: All Welded joints to be MIG welded, and

    provided with welders unique mark adjacent each joint.

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    How much is this project worth to you?

    Because I’d say you’ve got between £1000 and £1500 just getting the paperwork in place to meet the requirements their asking for.

    They’re looking for class 2 pipe welders (an old standard, I think class 2 was any pipe up to 5 BAR and 250degrees) certified to BS 287 which has now been superceeded by ISO 9606.

    You’d have to get a procedure, quality it, then test the welders To said procedure.

    £600-1000 for testing company to witness and write procedure, £400 to carry out testing on procedure test piece, £140 per test per welder to certify. Plus materials.

    You’d be best involving an company such as CDL group and the expertise of @Mid Wales welder
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    BS2971 can in some instances can let you use welder that are certified to BS4872-1 (certifying a welder without a procedure) however, as the client is asking for BSEN 287 (now superseded to BS EN ISO 9606-1) then that’s what you would need. This could but not always mean having to get WPQR’s (weld procedure qualification record) in place. The price would depend on a few things, but mainly if this work falls under PED requirements.
    I would be happy to go through this over the phone with you, no obligation free advice. Send me a PM if you are interested.