Bought this the other week....BMW 525D M-Sport. little improvement project.

  1. ....and it is lovely. Proper M-Sport with suspension, sill trims, anthracite headliner, leather steering wheel and incorrect but nicer 172 Spyder alloys instead of the 166 MV2’s.
    High miles but seriously cheap. Came with a Ryan number plate which has been valued at close to the purchase price of the car and is currently on retention and up for sale on plate trader at a slight discount over the valuation.

    First pic is as it was found locally. I thought it would be well above my spending limit for another toy but was pleasantly surprised when I enquired and even managed a reduction in the screen price! It has the M57/TU or N2 straight six diesel with 177bhp and 400nM of torque or 295lb/ft in old money. Oh yeah and it’s a 6 speed manual.
    It drives without issue and everything works. The only fly in the ointment was a low clutch pedal which most of the time inhibited starting as the clutch switch wasn’t being made unless you lifted the pedal first.
    That turned out to be worn plastic bushes on the pedal pin (also plastic!!!). The repair cost me £8.60 in parts from BMW and an hour of my time.


    Inside is clean with some bolster wear but no damage but still surprising for 180k (hey, it’s a diesel!)


    Seat looks better with the first application of some BMW black leather tint polish/feeder.


    Pedal pin and bushes. Crazy they’re made from plastic as is most of the pedal box!


    As it’s an M-Sport I thought I’d treat it to a few trinkets (well it is an M-Sport) it won’t be favoured in the eyes of the purists as it ain’t no M5, it’s an oil burner! Previous owner was getting it serviced twice yearly for the past 2 years in which time it has covered just 10k!



    Need to t-cut the old badge marks out!


    Wheels have just been refurbished in Ghost Chrome and once I get home from offshore I can stick the M-badges and new centre caps on it. The wheels did let it down up close.


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  2. pedrobedro

    pedrobedro Man at Matalan

    CX Derbyshire
    Does it have the optional indicator pack ? :whistle:
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  3. Not sure what that is. Coincidentally there was this strange green warning light on last week. Kept going off then coming on again.
    Maybe it has something to do with that???

  4. :D
  5. armalites Member

    I've always found BMW pretty reasonable almost cheap for some parts on older models even to the point they were cheaper than pattern parts, especially on wear items. I guess many people just assume they will expensive.

    I guess after 180K of gear changes the clutch pivot has done ok and they probably saved a few grams there.
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  6. rtcosic

    rtcosic Member


    Was it accompanied by a weird ticking noise?

    No need to be concerned, you can ignore it, you've bought the badge so you already have the free brain bypass and are now immune.

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  7. slim_boy_fat

    slim_boy_fat Forum Supporter

    Settle down now, lads :laughing:

    @Exuptoy That's odd, mine doesn't have that light - take her to an Authorised Dealer for immediate investigation ;)


    [note the miles - 135,007 miles - as Karl Stromberg said.... "Observe, Mr Bond, the instruments of Armageddon."

    And now that you've joined the Club, you can do things like this.......:whistle: :D


    In my defence a) I nearly made it....:D:D b) Well, I had to get out... c) It was in the shade, and d) it's a BMW, of course so maintains it's natural distance :whistling: :1:

    Enjoy the e60, they're great cars - big and comfy with lots of toys and a good turn of speed when you want/need it. :thumbup:
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  8. Munkul Member

    Cumbria, UK
    Nice motor. I had an e60 530d m sport a few years ago, ran it to 160k, drove like new still (after a suspension refresh). I still miss that car, pretty economical way to cover ground in speed and style.

    went around Europe through Austria/Italy, 3 times, as well!
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  9. anto Forum Supporter

    I bought a one owner (my mate) from new 535d M Sport 2006 for a ridiculously low price. It did have 235k on it right enough. Mostly motorway miles and it got whatever it needed when it needed it maintenance wise.
    It is a lovely big thing to drive however it needs the auto gearbox oil changed as it holds the gears a bit too long at times (sealed for life my hole!)
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  10. Munkul Member

    Cumbria, UK
    There's loads of kits out there for the ZF 6HP26 gearbox oil, filter and sump pan change. I went with a genuine ZF kit and it did make a difference to how smooth it shifted. Got to remember that it's an old gearbox now, and the early generation mechanical linkage 6HP was nowhere near as sharp shifting as the later generation shift-by-wire. The newer ZF 8HP is probably the best gearbox ever made, and that's no disrespect to the 6HP either, because it was a solid, well designed box.
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  11. Box is sweet as. It’s manual. Apparently the 6speed is bulletproof.
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  12. Wish I could see the pics mate. Lol
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  13. slim_boy_fat

    slim_boy_fat Forum Supporter

    Fairly soon after I got mine, I had my Indy change the 'box and diff oils as a precautionary measure [belt & braces, me :laughing:]. He asked why I wanted them done, and I told him it was insurance.

    Apparently, the oils which came out were very good which gave he heart that she'd been well cared for by the previous owner. :cool:
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  14. armalites Member

    I've decided no more buying stuff until you've got Gertie is on the road :scared:
  15. I know :ashamed:

    On a positive note, once the garage is complete I can commence work.:clapping:
  16. Impressed you remembered her name:thumbup:
  17. anto Forum Supporter

    £240 I've been quoted for the genuine zf kit to do it myself.
    I just haven't that coin to spare at the minute and the gearbox isn't bothering me too much so itll have to wait for another wee while.
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  19. slim_boy_fat

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    AFAIK, the g/box oil has to be done with the oil at a certain temperature and the car dead level too.
  20. johnser

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    North Cornwall
    Apparently the 6cylinder BMW diesels remap quite well if you're into that kettle of worms.
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