BOC ACP 335 and ACP 334 - transformer oils

  1. Munkul

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    We have these two machines at work.

    The older ACP 335 has sat unused for 10 years since it started running funny, I think it was giving shocks? So it has sat in a corner with the plug chopped off.
    The other (the newer looking ACP 334) gets used infrequently for the odd job, but recently it's started to struggle... it won't run 7018 at all, on either 80 or 100 OCV.

    So my idea is to scrap them both and free some space up. We have an old kemppi minarc 150 which gets used 99% of any stick welding jobs, and I'll buy a second little inverter - between those, the genset and the TIG welders, we won't struggle for machines.

    My problem is, I need to drain the oil before I chuck them! Does anyone know what sort of oil these will be filled with? There are no labels, and we don't want to open up and expose potentially carcinogenic substances.

    BTW if someone says they can come pick them up hassle free from Wigton, Cumbria for free, you're welcome to them, I'll even load em up for you ;) conditions are: working hours only, and you have to take em both!
  2. brightspark

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    yarm stockton on tees
    at worst the oil may contain pcb if there old . if it has just get shot of it and say nowt :laughing::whistle:empty it in to drums and take it to the council tip oil bank ,