Best way to weld this panel?

  1. Mr.Larsson New Member


    Need some opinions on how to weld this panel to the shock tower.

    Would you

    A) cut out the rotten part like the black line to good metal and grind tower to good metal. Stich weld new sheet metal to the good metal and spotweld the tower to the new sheet from the wheelwell, spotweld were the arrows are. There would thus be a stich weld a few cm from the rott and a spotweld to the tower.

    B) cut out the entier panel from the tower to the front of the car and spotweld in the new panel.

    20171031_081812.jpg 20171031_081712.jpg
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  2. Ruffian Member

    Devon UK
    What is that a vw passat or audi 100?

    I personally would look at drilling the spot welds and remove the Flitch panel then checking the inside of the seam.

    I would want to keep the original strut top if possible but replace the whole flitch panel if possible.
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