Beginner with a migmate 105

  1. Alex1991 New Member

    Hi all
    I've been given a SIP migmate 105, I'm totally new to welding and I've purchased new gas, wire and protective gear and had a go, it's not going too bad.
    What I'm struggling with is the settings, it has 3 switches on the machine. From left switch to right it's high/low, then max-med/Min.
    With the machine on the highest setting and a fast wire speed I can get a (very ugly) weld on some thick steel (about 4mm)
    I was told a lot ofachines come with a chart that shows what settings to use on certain thicknesses but mine doesn't have this, would anyone happen to have one or know a few baelse settings to help me get going?
    Thank you
  2. Wozzaaah

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    That machine isn't capable of welding 4mm which is why your weld isn't looking as you'd expect.
    To set the wire speed for any given setting turn the dial up slowly until you feel the torch being pushed away from the workpiece then back the wire speed control off slowly until it stabilises.~
    That should set you up fairly well.
    SIP machines are renowned for their poor quality feed mechanisms though, so don't expect miracles from it.
  3. Windy Miller Forum Supporter

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    If you do a search on this forum for SIP mods or something like that you’ll find loads of ways to improve that machine.

    As it leaves the factory it’s really quite a poor machine, but with some fettling it can be made quite usable.

    You’ll only ever be able to weld thin sheet with it though. Realistically 2mm will be your max
  4. Alex1991 New Member

    Ok thanks that's good advice to start me off, I think I'll struggle knowing what settings are correct for different thicknesses .It's not just high and low, where there are 3 switches it confuses me, like if it's too much power which switch do I turn down :doh:
  5. visor_down

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    Your power settings go(power switches from left to right)

    1. LOW -MED-MIN
    2. LOW-MED-MED
    3. LOW-MAX
    6. HIGH-MAX

    The third switch (min-med) isn't active unless the second switch is in the up position , if the second switch is down on max then the third switch does nothing.

    As has been mentioned there are many ways to improve this machine, one of the quickest and most noticeable improvements I found was to brace the drive system like this
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  6. Alex1991 New Member

    Thanks a lot for your reply, very helpful