Auto garage door opener......

  1. frank horton

    frank horton V twins are great but 4"s rule.........

    Soon 2 B Crete
    as above......
    the roller shutter door worked when I moved in but now not........
    it's a 12v powered 2 button keyfob....
    replaced the battery for new when the little red LED was glimmering.....but the door still worked.....
    then after a few times it quit......have tried the old batt but no luck......
    now the LED lights up proper when the button is pressed but the door wont work.......
    have changed the battery around but it's in the correct way...pos end is maked inside the fob....
    there is no spare......
    so now what do I do.......
    dont speak Greek yet and no idea what to do........any tips please.....
    have a rear access using a 18v drilldriver to open n close the door but really need it work properly....
    thanks .
  2. Batfastard

    Batfastard Member

    Might require the motor controller resetting. Turn the mains power off to it then turn it back after a minute or so might work.

    If there are any manufacturers markings on the controller or remote use google fu and see if there is a manual?
  3. When our old Toyota Celica GT fob used to stop working, we used to stand next to the car and hold down the button for 20 seconds. It would then reprogram the fob to the car. Worth a try.
  4. voipio Member

    Cambridge, UK
    There may be interference e.g. from LED lighting, or a remote thermometer stuck on transmit, or a new gadget.
  5. mike 109444

    mike 109444 Member

    uk Bristol
    Frank try and determine if it is IR (like tv remote) or radio transmitter (may have an fcc or similar sticker on rear with it's frequency) will help with diags
  6. msh10 Member

    Shropshire UK
    to check if its an IR transmitter, switch a radio to long wave and press the button, you should hear the clicking.
  7. mike 109444

    mike 109444 Member

    uk Bristol
    Or a camera phone or auto darkening welding helmet should react to it if IR