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    My wife in all her wisdom decided that I needed an auto darkening helmet. Personally I'm happy flicking my head to put the mask down but bless her, the intentions were good. actually I found myself flicking the auto helmet down lol. anyway it has got me thinking... the helmet goes up to shade 13.. I just wonder if flash in the eyes comes from the uv and darkness is just a personal choice? just wondering.
  2. The plastic in the lens stops the UV light from giving you arc eye, the shade level should be set so you are comfortable looking at the arc, too dark and you can't see what your doing, too light and you still can't see what your doing and you end up with temporary white spots in your vision!
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    east sussex
    You can replace most parts of the body
    You only get one chance of a pair of eyes
    Look after them:thumbup:
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