Anyone using auto LED headlight bulbs

  1. Lazurus

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    Norfolk uk
    Has anyone out there replaced standard halogen H4 bulbs for an LED equivalent - I see mixed reviews and prices from a few pounds to over £150 a pair.

    Would prefer to hear from someone who has actually tried them and can recommend a supplier?

  2. RonA

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    Stockton on Tees, UK
    Cant comment on replacement types but have noticed on cars with LED headlights as standard from new, they do seem to have multiple LED's per headlight unit.
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  3. CompoSimmonite Member

    Werrington, Stoke-on-Trent
    Due to reflector etc differences I think, to stay legal, you need complete replacement LED headlights. I had my car fail MOT on just Xenon bulbs as beam pattern wasn't correct.
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  4. ibrooks Member

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    Most of the H7 LED equivalents are meant to be used in fog lights and have very little forward throw of light. Not all the manufacturers are making this clear on the packaging and some of the sellers are being cagey about it so that it's only when you've parted with folding that you read the packaging or notes in with them saying that they aren't suitable as headlights.

    H4 is specifically a dip/main beam bulb so you would like to think the LEDs are designed as such but buyer beware. I suspect at the cheapanese end of the market there's not much design really gone into them. I suspect there are also some of those same bulbs being sold at inflated prices so that cost alone isn't going to be a guide. If possible ask direct questions of the supplier to at least get it in writing that they are suitable for the purpose intended. As CompoSimmonite quite correctly says the LED bulbs rely far more on the lense directly on the LED than on the reflector and lense of the headlight unit so beware ones with beam patterns that will blind oncoming traffic (and fail an MOT). E-Marks should be a guide but are easily and commonly copied onto products that don't meet the standard.
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  5. Lazurus

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    Norfolk uk
    Hmmmmmm methinks I will stick to Halogen then.:dontknow:
  6. rtcosic

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    USA video review, so no MoT or CE marking.

    Note the difference between projector and reflector. Some of the beam patterns are obviously wrong, but he is silent on that subject.
  7. Craig-SM

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  8. anto Forum Supporter

    Had some fitted to the reflector units in my Citroen C4.
    No good for dipped beam, the beam pattern was all over the shop! Also found they that although they had great light it wasn't for a very long range. And they blinded oncoming traffic.
    Removed and replaced by a set of Ring Xenon 130 which are much better.

    The LEDs would probably be ok in the main beam as the pattern doesn't matter as much.
  9. armalites Member

    I have been tempted but I tend to keep a spare halogens in the glove box. The lights are on permanently on my Volvo and I've changed 3 in 60K. I've run the high output ones before but they don't last as long. Getting a decent brand halogens from a motor factor is far cheaper than going to Halfords. I bought some Osram last week and they were £4.
  10. HughF

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    replacement H4's are a bit junk -I use the MAXGTRS brand 9002HB or whatever they are in GM projector lamps and they are 100% better than halogens. The MAXGTRS bulbs are decent (aliexpress) but don't expect good performance in an H4 - there's not enough distinction between dip and main beam
  11. It can be a minefield. I have just sent some back as unfit for the purpose. The problem is that most of the inexpensive ones don't have the correct focus. The emitting LED is too big and not correctly positioned, so you lose the cutoff and step. Instead you get an ill defined blob of light. I eventually found an Ebay listing for some that were guaranteed not to have those problems, although they were £35. I fitted those for my customer and so far he tells me that they are OK.
  12. Kayos

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    Night eye, make sure they are genuine

    I had H4s in the Disco, small reflector so worked well

    The L200 has projectors, very nice beam and cut off with LED
  13. Farside

    Farside Badly Welded Man

    Wot he sed.
    First decent ones I purchased were Nite-eye, which were obviously attempting to mimic the positioning of the halogen bulb filaments, quite successfully too.
    I've found a few of the other ones that closely resemble Nite-eye and work well enough with good beam, good spread and a decent cut-off, so no dazzling.
    However, and it's a big but... there are scads on the market which look right but will not match to your lamp reflector and lens units - it's a total crapshoot, which is why I don't spend more than 30 odd quid on them, as it's not too much to lose and I can always relegate them to auxiliary lighting.
    The positioning of the halogen filaments is strictly specified, going back decades and even back in the day there were plenty of sub-standard lights fitted to all sorts of cars.
    If the original headlight design was good, it will accomodate a slight mis-positioning of the filament (or LED grouping) and the result will be good.
    Which is why I only fit Cibies, Hellas or Kyotos - there are some others, like Autopal who simply copied a Cibie design and that works well enough.

    Moving on to modern cars - the results can be all over the place because so many of the lamp designs are unique and you just don't know what results you'll get until you shove in a bulb and see.