Antenna mast

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    finally got the mast up today with the help of a bit of muscle power from the neighbour (one less to complain to the planning).

    Top wall bracket had to be modified though and welded to the upright instead of clamping. Now I know why they say to use a ground socket with the tilt mechanism. Next job to get the rotator and some antennas up
    • 3508491B-C727-47CB-8742-8E85CDD55756.jpeg
    • E13A06AA-B61A-4DA5-AFDC-6126CD181A8B.jpeg
    • D9DD0D83-C9FF-4944-81C9-56DA024A447F.jpeg
    • 0DCB1F95-4BEB-494C-A13B-1037AADBCB57.jpeg
    • 3FC80FD4-C126-4246-A816-184A9140C097.jpeg
    • 4DB64DEF-AB2D-499D-BD81-00EA7D864B17.jpeg
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