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    Love many things about my Explorer but a few things have always niggled me..The main two have been the 19" front cartwheel which looks silly on a road biased adventure bike and the 150 section tire on the rear which is found on 125 bikes and should not be on a mile munching 1200 adventure/touring bike.After a couple of months of part number crunching and finding compatible parts I have now fitted a rear wheel from a 2015 Triumph Trophy with a 6" rim which when married up with a 180 rear looks more like the bike it should be:thumbup:...moving to the front and a 2014 Triumph street triple 17" front was found which uses the same bearings as the explorer so the axle bolt fitted perfect although i had to machine up 2 new spaces as the explorer fork legs are 20mm wider..used street triple discs which i had to make 5x 8mm spaces to be able to fit the bikes ABS ring as the wheel came from a none ABS street triple and also create the right air gap for the sensor, The discs just about fit under the explorer calipers so that's good..This had now allowed me to run sports tires on the front...Just rattle can satin black for now and see how it feels then more than likely get them painted the Triumph grey colour to make it look more OEM looking and confuse other explorer and tiger riders:D..few pics
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    Looking good, I shall have to give it some abuse, you know, check out the workmanship ;)
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