1. Stanley Member

    I have an SIP 150turbo Dual purpose for jobs around home. It has been ok for steel so far but I have a small aluminium project to do and need some advice.
    Material is 1.8mm thick and butt welds have started to come good but laps just aren't working. Keeps popping and wire is always sticking to tip. Also experienced the wire tangle at the roller but have since overcome this with adjusting tension. Tips are even melting, using 0.8mm wire and tips. Local shop tells me to change liner and rollers but is this nescesary? I rarely do alloy so don't want to spend up if I don't have to. Please help.
    P.S was using co2/argon mix but have since purchased pure argon, will give this a go.
  2. malcolm

    malcolm Hej!

    Bedford UK
    Definately change the tip to 1.0mm. The aluminium expands and gets stuck if you don't use an oversized tip. That should get around the problem with the wire tangling at the wire feed and maybe stop the tip burning.

    If the wire liner works I'd leave it. I think the risk is contamination, but that's a finer point for the big boys. Out of interest is it a steel liner or a plastic one? Plastic ones should be fine but it would be interesting if you can get away with a steel one. I'd leave the rollers too (although back the tension right off to avoid damaging the wire).

    Pure Argon is definately the stuff - aluminium is really reactive and will burn in CO2 when it gets hot enough.
  3. Stanley Member

    Checked my machine today and it already has a plastic liner, one less expense. Will pick up some 1.0mm tips this week and give that a go, let you know how it fairs.