Aldi powercraft 135 amp Mig help

  1. jay_oldstuff New Member

    Hyde Cheshire UK
    Hi chaps I bought this welder last year as a replacement for my Sealy 130 turbo which finally fell to bits after many years of use and abuse (OK not strictly true, I backed my Land Rover into it:ashamed:)
    Anyway I am well pleased with this cheepy, I believe they are made for Aldi by Wolf in Italy but I may be wrong, it has only one problem and that is it only seems to take the small 0'5kg wire spools, i can get the 1kg spools through work cheep, I ran out of wire tonight and managed to finish by cutting the middle out of an old small spool and jamming it into the middle of a 1kg spool, but does anyone make a proper adaptor to allow the larger spools to we used without bodging.

  2. rikrobson

    rikrobson Member

    Perth, Scotland
    I have an old boc migmaster, which was bought second hand and was designed for the small .5 kg spools.

    the solution was simple. cut a .5 kg spool in half and use one half as the adaptor. the diameter of the .5 inner spool fitted into the hole of the 5kg spool nicely

    Never heard of 1kg spools though.
  3. GeorgeB pre-moderated

    London, UK
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. As you've found, those Aldi MIG welding machines work very well as designed. The motor looks bigger and better than on a Clarke but I wouldn't chance your luck by overloading it with a larger spool of wire. It will put more strain on the motor, wire feed mechanism and everything. Leave well alone.