5 wheel boggie

  1. Have had a couple of machineing jobs this week so only got back on the welder this afternoon, i have 2 of these to send to colchester there towing dollys so tractors can pull artic lorry trailers.

    dolly 002.jpg

    Went to the scrap yard and amputated the donor parts, cut the rear off an old 40ft trailer, turntable plate came off a volvo, brake cylinders will be sent and overhauled, and hydralic brake valves also added so we have a duel brake system. once the dolly is built it will go to the shot blasters then paint shop.

    dolly 003.jpg

    First job is to shape out the drawbar with the plasma, 8" UC is used on a 3/4 wall, I take no chances with the strength you could have 20 ton being hauled at 50Kph.

    dolly 004.jpg

    The hook end is heated and clouted to give it a nice strong V.

    dolly 006.jpg

    The hook is shaped into the UC so i can weld it on all sides.

    dolly 009.jpg

    3 passes should do it, cross plates are next in line, but i am haveing the weekend off :) for a change so will post some more pics up next week.
  2. malcolm

    malcolm & Clementine the Cat

    Bedford UK
    Have you finished this one yet? I'm so used to seeing trailers the farmer has made from old artics that I didn't realise the hitches could be welded on neatly (or that you could even get purpose made hitches to weld on).

    On our farm most of the towing hoops are gas cut from 1/2 inch plate, and arc welded on to some crazy construction. It's interesting how many different ways they can fail, and how they get repaired over time.

    Good to see a well thought out job too.
  3. Thanks malcolm, got stuck doing those skids i posted up for that combine, I fitted them up today so i hope to be on it tommorow although a local fitter is bringing a couple of ally jobs over at some point, ahh need two of me really at the mo, The rings are about £20 and come with a prep and weld plan. Iv seen some terable cut and shut jobs on these and some by so called pro welders, I would never wish to be in the position were a fault has occured through my error so i like the boot and braces method, post up some more pics as i go though its booked at the paint shop next wednesday:o so it will be sooner than latter......
  4. got this grizzly lump more or less done a dusted this afternoon, brakeing ram and shoe to go on then its off to the shot blasters and paint shop.
    boggie 002.jpg
    The back end goes in,
    boggie 003.jpg
    The drawbars squared in and taked to the exsiting braces.
    boggie 004.jpg
    A 1/2" plate is welded to the back of the drawbar then the verticals are welded up,
    boggie 009.jpg
    Finaly the plate goes on and is welded all round the shot blaster awaits!!