2nd day practice

  1. tigan Member

    Ok, less nervous today. Used a piece of 3mm (took the paint off today).

    Tried marking out 50mm lines to try to get the travel speed, worked out to be about 6 secs for the 50mm - does this sound about right?, (weird how time and motion seem to disappear once the screen darkens)

    Use the recommended settings, but didnt seem to get penetration (i assumed it would start coming though the other side like it did with the 2mm plate yesterday. (see pic3 - underside)

    Tried a few welds with the recommend settings for 4mm, still didnt seem to come through.
    I read on another post about an extension lead affecting it, im currently using about 10m. (could this be a possibility?

    Also tried a fillet weld(?) but i think i upped the power but not the wire speed (hence the ball bearings), the first bit looks ok, then must have pulled away for the last bit. Gave it a good whack with a hammer and it didnt budge though, so cant be all that bad.

    cheers for any comments
    day2_1.JPG day2_2.JPG day2_4.JPG