Welding a motorcycle

  1. Guzzisti57 Member

    Hi everyone :waving:
    I'm building a subframe for my recently acquired trackbike, and I'm wondering which parts of the electrics it is essential to isolate to avoid damage?

    I've removed the ECU and reg/rectifier (the bike also has a Powercommander for the fuel injection), but someone told me all you have to do is disconnect the battery and it'll be fine as there won't be a circuit ?

    I'm trying to disconnect as little as possible, because electrics aren't my strong point (you guessed? :laughing:)

    Any advice from people who've done this sort of thing would be much appreciated.
  2. pedrobedro

    pedrobedro Man at Matalan

    The ones I've done any welding on have just disconnected the battery and I've not had any electrical problems with them after. The last one went to France and back after I welded some luggage strap retainers on it.
  3. Pez Member

    I work on bikes all the time . I take the battery off so the wires will not mysteriously move back and touch.
    What bike?

  4. Blackjack Member

    Bristol UK

    Usually you'll be OK if you just disconnect and remove the battery.

    But usually doesn't pay for a new ECU if yours decides to fry itself.

    I'd remove it.
  5. Guzzisti57 Member

    TL1000R, I'm replacing the tail with a smaller one.

  6. If in doubt take it out would be my policy.........can you not just remove the rear subframe? I am not familiar with this bike or exactly what it is you want to achieve. Just a thought.
  7. Guzzisti57 Member

    I should have said I'm making the subframe from scratch because the old one is far too big to fit under that new tail fairing.

    I think you're right though, I'll disconnect to be on the safe side.
    It's a pain to do as it means removing the airbox, but those Powercommanders are £300 a shot . . .
  8. Photog_Dave Member

    North Wales
    I've found a few modern bikes disconnecting is not a problem as the connectors will only fit into one particuler place. If you do decide to remove quite a bit take pictures first, Lots of them. There the best referance for when your putting things back. Good see another biker on here.