Welding 10mm Stainless Fillet weld

  1. I need to do a quote for a job, TIG welding two 10mm thick 304 Stainless Steel plates into a 'T' section.
    I need to do fillet welds approx. 6" long
    I have been trying to find some basic settings like Amperage, Cup size, electrode size & filler rod size etc
    Anyone have any idea?


  2. Wozzaaah

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    Take a look at the Miller TIG calculator Andy, it doesn't list 10mm (3/8") but lists 1/4" and 1/2" so you'll get a rough idea by working out between the two. ;)
  3. Thanks Woz
    I did see that calculator, but like you said it does not list 10mm :(
    Looks like I will have an educated stab in the dark! :D

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    How big a weld is needed (fillet size/leg length), what's the part for? i.e does the T just need to be 'stuck together' or is it going to see some stress? Even cranking the welder up to 250A (millers lower amperage suggestion for 1/4") could result in a banana depending on the leg length of the T section

    Biggest gas lens cup you've got, 2.4 tungsten, probably 2.4mm filler and multiple passes but that'll depend on how big the weld needs to be
  5. Hi Hotrodder
    I have just posted another thread asking about the welding sequence :D

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    Unless it was a WPS I wouldn't go for TIG. MMA will be quicker, easier and give far less distortion. A few years ago I welded some 12" plate flanges (about 20mm thick) on to Shed 10 weld elbows using MMA, 2 runs with 3.2 316 electrodes giving approx 8mm fillet. Virtually no distortion and very little discolouration to clean up. To have done the same size weld with TIG would have bowed the face of the flange, given more discolouration and made me sweat, all things I wanted to avoid! W/A
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