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  1. I have just received my nice new shiny wp-20 tig torch only to find that it doesn't fit my union carbide ucc-305 tig. The welder has a stud takeoff and threaded adapter that the water cooler screws onto like the one in this link
    However the torch has a large male plug that obviously will not fit the stud adaptor. The gas fitting on the torch is not an issue as I already have an adapter to make that work. The water return from the torch requires and adapter too. Can anyone advise where I can get these adapters from or how I can get around this situation?

    Many thanks
  2. hotrodder Member

    SE England
    Any decent welding supplies shop should be able to sort you out. The power lead is the water return so i'm thinking this large male plug is a DIN connector and the water return comes out of the side of it like the Q5W (3rd from right) here... http://www.weldcraft.com/parts-accessories/adapters-and-qcs/? If i've guessed right then you will probably find that if you slide the strain relief boot back the torch water return/power lead is connected to the DIN fitting via a 3/8 bsp union. If that's the case you can remove the DIN fitting and get a stud adaptor with the correct threads to suit your power lead and your water cooler. There are also DIN to stud adaptors (far right in the weldcraft link) and you'll obviously need adaptors/new hose tails to get the water unions mated

    If i'm wrong or am not making sense because you've got 3 threaded hoses (one gas, one water inlet and one power/water return) and taking your torch to the local welding suppliers isn't possible then post some decent pics and/or find out what the threads are as there's various different thread sizes/adaptor types to complicate things if buying from the interweb for example... http://www.rapidwelding.com/dynamic/Category.aspx?c=CKTORCHACCS&o=0&zl=2&sq=4
  3. I do have 3 threaded connectors, I can take the torch to the welding supplies shop no probs. so I think it's going to have to be a trip to boc up Hanley later this week. Anyone know if I can order these online in the uk anywhere?
  4. hotrodder Member

    SE England
    I've already posted a link to an online source. You need to know the thread sizes of both the torch lines and watercooler fittings. The torch is most likely 3/8 BSP however they can be ordered with all sorts of different fittings... the Americans like UNF (5/8, 7/8 in RH and LH threads, LH being denoted by notches on the spanner flats). I've no idea what Union Carbide used, or if the cooler is of a similar vintage or what's been messed with over the years
  5. I realised the link was to uk site after I posted the question, sorry. I am going to local welding supplies tomorrow to get new connections fitted to my new torch instead of buying adapters.
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