STAR 160 Welder AC/DC tig/MMA

  1. AndyWoollard New Member

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    STAR 160 Welder AC/DC tig/MMA Circuit Diag. required

    I am looking for a circuit diag for this welder. It is Italian in origin, copper transformer, Similar in appearance to a SIP 25065 (this is a current model - mine is 1989). Any help would be much appreciated.
    • STAR Tig Back.JPG
    • STAR Tig Front.JPG
    • STAR Tig Guts.JPG
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  2. AndyTurpin New Member

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    Suffolk, UK

    Hi Andy,
    My brother has just aquired the same welder, but with no manual etc. Have you been able to get any information yet?
  3. adrian@ New Member

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    UK midlands
    Where are we with this....

    I need some spare parts to repair mine!
  4. quattro Member

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    Wales, north
    Whats this welder like are they reliable, would it be a good starting point as a first tig welder to weld alu?
  5. adrian@ New Member

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    UK midlands
    Still looking for spares..

    I have had two of these for years (identical machines) One of these is working but starts up at 6 KW and blows fuses instantly is running on 240V and 6KW is 2kw more than the other machine) in that it is spares for the other machine (it's good for spares..BUT I would rather it was working properly) I have swapped bits out of the good machine and tested capacitors which are all OK, BUT one of the copper coiled windings LOOK to be suspect, I am tempted to strip it out and get it rewound this feasible?
  6. vpug Member

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    I had a faulty wse200 tig , after testing transformer was faulty so I strip counted and rewound it, cost me about £30 to do.


  7. Sub-arc

    Sub-arc Member

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    Is that STAR 160 not handled by Wilkinson Welding (near Manchester) if they're still going.

    Pretty sure they used the 'Welding Star' brand on lots of their stuff.
  8. adrian@ New Member

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    UK midlands
    It is one of the main windings that has failed ..I did speak to Wilkinsons and they were of little help, I then spoke to SIP who made a copy for a while, and they wanted 800 plus for one...heyho spares it is.
    cool winding for the power supply there.
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