Rental free bottles for MIG

  1. CompoSimmonite Member

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    I've just seen how much I pay a year rental on my BOC bottle of Argoshield and think it's time to look at rent free alternatives as I don't use the welder much now (ill health). In fact haven't used it for maybe a year :ashamed:

    A quick look shows there are
    Hobbyweld http://www.hobbyweld dot co dot uk (you have to replace the "dot" with "." !)
    Any others to consider ?
    Who do people recommend ?
    I don't mind paying a little more for the contents than BOC as long as no annual rental charge.


    paul h
  2. austin Member

    Hi Paul,i use albee for my pure argon and use pubgas for mig,albee are good you dont need to get a reg as they are already on and when you take back for refill they check and replace as nessacery,wherein uk are you?.Kev.
  3. Cobbler Codger bodger

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    Hi Paul,
    Have a look at the Adams Gas web site, I use their argon mix, £50 deposit for a bottle & £36 for a fill. The first one I had was sent by courier, then on the web site I found they had set up a local supplier network, so could change it easily.
    There is a postcode setup on the website so you can find if there is anyone local.

  4. CompoSimmonite Member

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    Just had a look at Adams gas but no local agents (nearest is 30+ miles away. £91 deposit.

    Paul H
  5. Cobbler Codger bodger

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    Hi Paul,
    30 miles probably too far, but the £91 is bottle deposit & the gas as well, so deposit is now £55. I was concerned that I would have to pay carriage both ways to change it, but now there's a stockist within 6 miles.

    Worth trying the local Calor stockists as I'm told some of them are stocking welding gases now.

  6. Agautosport Member

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    Maybe you should take a look at our website,
    Now more than 250 distributors around the country , 10 & 20 litre no rental cylinders available and with a cashback offer to mig welding forum members.

  7. zx9

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    Is that new Alan? I must have missed the anouncement :(
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    Hi Kev how much do they charge you for pure argon?

  9. graffian Seer unto the end of his beard

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    I am going to need argon and probably argoshield in the next few weeks. I keep meaning to move from BOC. I have asked your distrib' local to me, jaycar in Redhill, for prices. Can you tell me more about cashback?
  10. Country Joe Argoshield Dark

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    Hi there, graffian!
    First page of this thread.

    All the Best,
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