Mobility Scooter Body Paint

  1. geordie graham New Member

    Teesside UK
    Hi everyone I have a second hand mobility scooter and no I am not fitting a 750 bike engine or a V8 cos unfortunately I have bad mobility problem so need it practical.The problem is it is in painted in the usual old fart dark red (no offence meant to the older forum members) and I am only 52,a mad petrolhead (ex mechanic) and would really like to make it a bit more personal.Could you lovely people tell me the best way to prep the fibreglass ready for painting,(which grade sandpaper and which primer) and I know the best paint job would be in 2K by a professional but cannot really afford it, so could I get a decent enough job with rattle cans in gloss black?.I would also like to get a airbrush kit and after loads of practice on a sketch pad and with the help of some stencils I would like to put some blue flames and a skull on it.I intend to upgrade the suspension when I can find somewhere to source the parts but will put that in the appropriate part of the forum.

    Thanks Graham
  2. steveo3002 Member

    cambridge uk
    if the original red paint is in sound condition , just use 800 wet to take off the shine all over , special attention to any edges n fidldly bits etc , degrease it then straight on with the paint

    should be able to get reasonble results with a rattle can , after a few coats 1200 it then put on some more so you get plenty on , then 1500 and polish it to a good shine
  3. silversurfer

    silversurfer Member

    mobility scooter.

    Hi Geordie. Be carefull with the prepping. Its 90% certain that it aint fibreglas, its ABS plastic. OK till you break it !!! The individual panels are all small enough to do with a rattle can, and you may well find transfers to make it look good. What make is it ??
  4. geordie graham New Member

    Teesside UK
    Thanks for the quick replies.It`s an Invamed Monza and you are propably right it might be ABS.There are a few deep scratches,will that make a difference to the prep work or paint used.
  5. busastars Member

    South Wales
    If it is ABS then its easy to fix if broken, I've just repaired all my ABS Bike fairings with Acetone and made my own ABS Cement.