hiking boots and work boots recommendations

  1. s410man trainee dogsbody

    have around £100 to spend on a set of workboots

    would like a toecap but preferably not steel as its to cold

    must be very warm as i like warm feet:laughing:

    also want midsole protection

    must be comfy

    thats about it

    was looking at the garsport santorini but cant find anywhere online that sells them and the place i have seen them is normally overpriced so hoping they are available cheaper elsewhere

    any ideas

    also after a pair of hiking boots

    must be fairly high and non flexible as its all steep hill walking and would like them to be extra warm and breathable with them quick lace up hook things

  2. mart

    mart Member

    Hiking boots-MEINDL (Nebraska mid XCR) are good. German made. Waterproof, very lightweigt 480g approx,breathable, quick lace up hooks. Very comfy. £100 plus about £3 delivery.Not sure about the "fairly high" & "non flexible bit".I got all the qualities that i wanted. You could see what else is available.

    I also bought some cheaper hiking boots KERCHER brand. Lightweight again (slightly heavier than the German make but ok) & waterproof. I have been using these cheaper ones for knocking about in the snow-very warm (unlike wellies) and my feet remain dry (unlike trainers)

    I would buy both these brands again if i need some more.

    Link for MEINDL
  3. Ratty

    Ratty Putting the She in Sheds

    Plenty of work-boots here
  4. dannyweld Member

    sports direct do very good work boots, leather uppers, for £20. the shoe version is only £16. both by karrimor uk.
  5. Sean Another 602 fan

  6. chunkolini

    chunkolini celebrity artiste

    For outdoor use Karrimor KSB's used to be The Boots for me. Sadly they have become a maker of cheap nasty footware that looks ok. The last pair I bought lasted 3 months and the soles were shot. Avoid.

  7. Drains

    Drains Yeah, nah.

    Sefton, South Island, NZ
    Berghaus Explorer Trek are a really comfy lightweight boot. There's a stall at Glasto festy that has mounds of them - catalogue returns - I've been buying them there for years for £10-£20 a pair. On the last pair now as I've been avoiding Glasto for a while. How strange that I need to go back, not to see bands or any other stuff, but to buy a pair of boots. Nonsense.
  8. Shox Dr

    Shox Dr Chief Engineer to Carlos Fandango

    German Para Boots, never worn anything else for the last 15+ yrs, you can buy 2nds for peanuts or brand for £80
  9. johnny max Member

    Colombia for hiking boots
    DeWalt or CAT for workboots
  10. Robotstar5

    Robotstar5 Casanunda Staff Member

    Another vote for Berghaus, mine are the Scapa model I think, had them 30 years now, haven't been able to do much walking since I snapped a tendon in my big toe :o.
    Best way of getting a good fit is to soak the leather for 24 hours, then wear/walk them 'til dry.
  11. Benthosboy One of life's pillocks!

    Do your feet a favour, get them from a reputable outdoor shop and make sure they fit!!

    If they don't fit well, you'll soon know about it, you'll have blisters, and a ruined day. I swear by Altberg, made in Yorkshire and they're the only make that I get on with. My last pair took me almost an hour to find after wading through God knows how many other makes, and they're still the most comfortable footwear I've got.

    Drawbacks? they're not 4 season so no matter how well I proof them, water gets through eventually.

  12. I have a pair of Berghaus too, tho TBH I live in either dealer boots, made by Buckler unbeatable for durability or this time of year Dickie's Riggers...

    Best to find boots that fit really well, then always buy the same.... having a pair of boots that fits really well is the most important factor for warm feet...
  13. Hiking boots..depends what your doing as in area season etc Ive allways bought salomon but thats becouse they "fit" me well personally I dont like gortex its to hot in spring and summer,as others have said get your feet measured properly.
    spring through to autumn ive taken to aproach shoes for all but the highlands but thats a personal choice
    work boots its Dewalt for me again they Fit me so I stick with them
  14. Another vote here for Buckler boots


    Tough, Comfy and im always suprised that i can walk in slippy conditions and not slip!
    B200SMA Is what i wear and i have a pair of Workits as well.
  15. s410man trainee dogsbody

    thinking of dewalt cat or buckler for the work boots and columbia or berghaus for the walking boots

  16. Wedg1e

    Wedg1e They call me Mr. Bodge-angles

    Teesside, England
    Here here. I've been wearing my Meindl's whilst walking to work (me van's in for repair :rolleyes: ), they're the only boots I've got (and I have a few pairs) that give me any grip in the current conditions. Mine are Burma Pro MFS; I'm normally a size 8 but the Meindl's are a 9 so I can get thick socks in them.
  17. Wedg1e

    Wedg1e They call me Mr. Bodge-angles

    Teesside, England

    Last pair of Cat's I had, the sole split. Tried Dewalts but needed feet like a ballerina to get them on; I have wide man's feet :D

    Latest boots for me are another pair of Element IIs from Arco; £45 I think in the sale. Still have (and wear) the previous pair, the steel cap is poking out of one which some sites I visit find unacceptable :rolleyes:
    Not sure how some manufacturers justify their boot prices, mind... :o
  18. cazl1994 Member

  19. Ratty

    Ratty Putting the She in Sheds

    For some reason that link doesn't work even when you take out the extra http! try this
  20. Rob 88" Member

    HANWAG all the way for hunting and hiking , expensive but might be lucky to pick up a pair through ebay for a fraction of the normal price (i paid i think over 300€) , Ive mine on every day (apart from going to school ):D cheap tools are expensive tools:whistle: