GYS made in France, Any good?

  1. TH1983 Member

    What are all your views on GYS welders? Look like good value, not made in china and come with some good tricks
  2. TechnicAl

    TechnicAl Member

    I think they are made in China and badged in France
  3. PTvor Member

    There were a few batches of dead GYS welders of various sorts appearing on ebay 'for spares or repairs' a few months back.

    I gather they haven't got much of a reputation in France. Rather delicate and doing some naff things to keep costs down, like using potentiometer leads to support circuit boards rather than using a bracket.

    I don't believe the Made in France badge is all it seems.
  4. langy

    langy langys rodshop

    I have a GYS 160HF TIG I use for mobile work, it's 5 years old now and has been a brilliant little bit of kit
  5. Shox Dr

    Shox Dr Chief Engineer to Carlos Fandango

    Pot luck I think, I know a few that have used them over long periods of time with no problems.

    Unfortunately they seem to have a fair amount of failures. I have seen them on eblag too, often sold in lots by what look like hire/repair companies. If they can't fix them, because of cost, parts, or the fact they are not worth bothering with is something I would be concerned with, if looking to buy.

    **It's worth noting French Companies are very hard to deal with, been slow to supply, slow to respond to any type of communication, and even slower to remedy faults.

    ** While the above comments are from my own dealings through my Company, it does seem to be a very common occurrence in business with them.

    "them" been any French Co

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  6. KemppiFrog Member

    Yep, after sales is rubbish here.
  7. alanfrance New Member

    mayenne France
    GYS operate a few dozen kilometers from me. They make welders and other machines in France, and have several hundred employees with direct contact with the metal bashing as well as sales, technical and design staff. I have no association with them BTW, apart from them making my little inverter stick welder, [retail €175] which works fine. No manufacturer in the world can isolate itself from the manufacturing economics of China, [not even Makita], and survive, so chinese parts are sourced. As to after sales, French retailers [not the makers] seem to insist on repairs to stuff rather than YMB, and anyone used to life in the fast lane can get a bit p.o. with the rigmarole here, esp. of you can't speak much French. Stuff is still fully guaranteed, and in the UK I'd expect any seller worth his salt to exchange or give you your money back pdq.
  8. Gysmi Vested interest - GYS employee

    Information from GYS

    We value comments and threads regarding GYS made on this forum and we would like to thank those of you who have taken the time to post on our company here. As a manufacturer, we respect the role of forums and will only comment on subjects where we feel we can add particular value to the discussion. As there have been a number of comments on the origin of GYS machines we would like to post some factual information on our industrial group which we hope is helpful.

    GYS is a French family-owned industrial group created in 1964 in the city of Laval, 280 Km west of Paris. GYS engineers, designs and sells three families of products: arc welding equipment, car body repair equipment and automotive battery service equipment. As of 2011, the group has 460 employees in four locations (France, Germany, UK & China) and in 2010 achieved a consolidated turnover of 56M€. With 360 employees in France, our very modern 18 000m2 factory in Laval manufactures 100% of our professional welding machines and in 2010 the group manufactured more than 350 000 machines in total. GYS also operates a wholly owned factory in Shanghai which employs 60 people and focuses on the manufacturing of jumper cables and low cost consumer battery chargers. To support these two factories, GYS has built over time a network of 300+ importers around the world as well as two international sales subsidiaries in Germany and in the UK. Created 7 years ago, the German subsidiary now employs 36 people and created 2 years ago, the UK subsidiary now has a staff of 10.

    For the UK, we have established a sales and service facility in Warwick and we are actively looking forward to expand our team to support our growth in the UK. As family group, we view the entry in the UK as a long term commitment and this is reflected by the fact that we have developed a wide range of FV & PFC technologies that enable machines to work on any voltage between 85V and 265V (ideal for 110V products in demand in the UK) applied in MMA, MIG and TIG.

    We acknowledge that it takes time to build a brand in a country and as we have only been in the UK for two years, we need to continue to better communicate on our products and the company.

    Please do not hesitate to PM if you have any further questions.

    The GYS Team in Warwick
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  9. NTwoO

    NTwoO More skill with grinder than welder

    I thought the UK runs on 220/240V ? The US is on 110V
  10. Shox Dr

    Shox Dr Chief Engineer to Carlos Fandango

    Construction sites are in the main 110v
  11. vanmania New Member

    south yorkshire
    em well

    hi to u all welders
    ive just been reading all the forums so i thought
    i be a member. i do alot of gates, and cars repairs
    such as restoration english/americans motors
    i have used and owned a few mig welders
    now ive got a gys smartmig 162 with the euro torch
    gas/gasless and i can most of u all they r fantastic
    so comfort to use wire speed briliant setting brilliant
    and 4 weiling well ive used it on 6mm thick doing heavy gates
    and realy thin stuff o.8 metal, welds fantastic no probs wat so ever
    all these high rated migs such as butters/portomigs/lincoln
    not much in it they have probs as well i no ive had them
    in my opinion the differents is the price,dont fogget we all
    got our own opinion this is mine as i expereinse different m,welders......:clapping::waving::laughing:
  12. Calaque New Member

    GYS having awsome products.Tough,reliable and easy to use.10/10
  13. Shox Dr

    Shox Dr Chief Engineer to Carlos Fandango

    Mmm. The last two posts look to be a bit sus. Vanmania registered the same day as they posted the above and haven't been back since. In 10 months!

    I wonder if Calaque will do the same

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  14. Bartron New Member

    UK Southeast
    GYS Pearl

    New to the forum but not to welding, recently was in the market for a Synergic small mig and it boiled down to the Kempi machine and the GYS, ive already used mates Kempi wich i liked a lot and hes done a lot of heavy work with it, but didnt like that fact of a fixed torch and the ABS plastic case, anyway i could find anyone local with a GYS Peral instock to i rang the Uk center for them and there were right on the ball, within 48 hours the rep and the machine called at my home, we set the machine up and had a play in the main it works the same way as the Kempi but i prefered the metal case on the GYS and that fact it came with a Euro torch and a gen Binzel to, so i ordered a machine for Oxford welding who were good to deal with as well, its also got 2 year garentee as well, very happy with it, as an aside i was in France recently looking at a truck and was talking about GYS machines as i have seen them online for ages to one of the fitters as they had two very large GYS machines for truck repair and he said they had used GYS for years and there well respected
  15. Powermyster Member

    There is alot of bodyshop using GYS Inverter spot welders, MIG and MIG Brazing machines here in Ireland. They all seem to have a high opinion of the brand.
  16. Bartron New Member

    UK Southeast
    In fact the rep who came to me and whos name im ashamed to admite i have forgot has previously worked for Cebora for many years and hes comment was that the company had become stale and that GYS were puting a great deal in to the product range
  17. keeny Member

    been along time

    this is to shox dr
    what do u mean looks like it been sus, yes its been
    just about a yr now, ive had majer problems here
    fam and health thats the reason y i avnt been on.
    people do av em, but back now, just hope u understand
    i even packed welding up 4 a while. bye 4 now:):sheep:
    ive change my user name.......
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  18. Paul99

    Paul99 Member

    Mid Wales
    Yep agreed...

    Just to even up the score from new posters I had a 130HF TIG quite a few years ago when GYS was relatively new to the UK (I fell foul of the sort of reviews above :ashamed::ashamed::ashamed:) it worked well enough till just a few weeks after the guarantee run out, having not even used enough to half use a 10L Argon bottle the tig functions totally failed but was useable in mma mode - the supplier and a local welding supplies shop looked and deemed it unrepairable - I failed time after time to even get a response from GYS. Oddly (or expectedly perhaps) a pile of these GYS inverters popped up as spares and repairs on ebay around the same time mine went pop - that said it all to me...

    I chucked the inverter in the corner of the shed in a fit of rage and it sat there for the last 5 or 6 years as a reminder never to buy Chinese made crap again. Ironic that this topic should be revived only hours after I registered here having been a lurker for several months now.
  19. keeny Member


    :laughing:;)hi paul
    welcome to the forum, any mig can pop,
    but ive ad a different migs my self and i can tel u now
    even top ones can pop, ive had a lincoln that went on me
    murex that blown up, i rather av a cebora they aint bad migs
    but yes they all av there probs just like cars, u will get a bad apple
    with anything and critics
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  20. Shox Dr

    Shox Dr Chief Engineer to Carlos Fandango

    I notice you edited you post for spelling. It would appear you missed a few, so I've rewritten for you: so those that can't be bothered to read txt spek:rolleyes:, can read you posts. Don't expect it every time;)

    Welcome to the Forum. Any MIG can go pop. I've had different MIGs myself and I can tell you now, even top ones can go pop.

    I've had a Lincoln, that went on me. A Murex that blow up. I'd rather have a Cebora they aren't bad MIGs. But yes they all have their problems just like cars. You will get a bad apple with anything and their critics.