ESAB Smashweld 250

  1. As title Ive been borrowing this welder and so far think its a good welder, so ive asked how much the guy wants for it and hes said £350 does this sound like a reasonable price?

  2. cumbriasteve

    cumbriasteve Moderator Staff Member

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  3. pedrobedro

    pedrobedro Man at Matalan

    A very clean one went for £1,079 last December;) Keep borrowing it till you break it then offer him scrap value for it :D Seriously, only you can decide whether it is reasonable depending on how good the machine is (you are using it so you should know) and what you could get for similar money in comparison like a Clarke 160.
  4. Hitch

    Hitch Moderator Staff Member

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    No Comparison is there. :laughing:

    Small 3ph machines seem to be a little cheaper than single on the second hand market a lot of the time.
    Quite often sets on Ebay cheap, but in this case you have been using it and know it works....

    With a reg and torch etc, its worth £350 imo.
  5. Welderpaul

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    Looks tatty but you know it works, a fair price to pay for it. A decent make too.
  6. Lewis Medlock

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    Second hand welders.... don't pay more than 'a pound an amp' ;)

  7. s410man trainee dogsbody

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    generally speaking id say yes but then add any extras such as a helmet regulator spares etc

    for a good make id say £350 was reasonable
  8. Wozzaaah

    Wozzaaah The wizard of woz Staff Member

    So you're saying my Portamig 361 is only worth £361? :fighting:
  9. gavuk

    gavuk artful-bodger want cash or a cheque......?.......:laughing:
  10. Lewis Medlock

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    I'd want a bloomin' receipt and warranty for that sort of money! :o

    All the best, Jim
  11. gavuk

    gavuk artful-bodger

    Hardly used Jim....:whistle:....:laughing:
  12. s410man trainee dogsbody

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    hope my lorch 252 is worth a bit more than that:o
  13. trailway New Member

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    ESAB smashweld 200

    I have just been given an Esab smashweld 200 in excellent condition. It belonged to my father and had a very easy well kept life. Just wondering what value it has as i cannot power it and am looking to sell and buy a smaller plant for my needs. Any help would be good, there is very little info online.
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