Cracked alloy wheel welding?

  1. Momin Member


    Im interested in some split rims that are for sale on the net. They are quite rare and going at a decent price.

    However, One of the rims has 2 cracks in it. Im wondering if these can be welded? If so is it safe? Will the crack grow once welded? How much would it rougly cost?

    Pics of the cracks.



    Thank you.
  2. Hitch

    Hitch Moderator Staff Member

    We do the odd one here and there, not always sucessfull though.
    Sometimes it will just keep coming back.

    Cost wise, depends where you go, but £30 cash would cover it most places that will take on odd jobs

    Safe, if its done properly there shouldnt be any problem.
  3. Paul.

    Paul. Moderator Staff Member

    Northampton. UK
    I'm often asked to weld wheels, I always refuse, cracks can be difficult to predict where they finish,and you don't really know what the alloy is or what caused the damage, there are specialist repair companies around, and for a safety related item like this its best left to one of them i think.
  4. Sam

    Sam Banned

    Looks like an old compomotive rim Try puting an add on fleabay there will be lots of dishes lying around in garages measure the offset they were used a lot by the sidecar crews. Think Terry Windle used the same hole configuration on 13" rims I know for sure Colin Hopper did.
  5. BMH Member

    There used to be a guy in wakefield that did repairs on alloy wheels, most were for bodyshops with the insurance companys approval.
    He worked from home, just off junction 39 off the m1.

  6. hotrodder Member

    SE England
    Crack like that, especially in a spun or forged rim... scrap IMO.

    Physically repairing it is easy enough but if it's from fatigue (looks likely as there's no obvious kerbing damage) then there's no economical way to know what state the rest of the rim is in- could be full of microscopic cracks

    Being a split rim is a replacement rim half not the easy solution?
  7. Hitch

    Hitch Moderator Staff Member

    Just had another look at this one, i didn't notice that it was two cracks first time round.
    Id be a bit wary of them, two cracks in th same rim doesnt bode well for the rest of it. I'm guessing theres not enough to keep the damaged one as a spare.
  8. jaykay Member

    milton keynes
    bin it,think of the damage it would cause if it failed on you.
  9. darthmojoe Member

    england essex
    best check those arnt magnesium alloys,if they are,dont touch them.nightmare to weld.
  10. nellway Member

    When it comes to safety, don't stint on the pennies.
  11. Weldingartisan Aiming for retirement

    Kent, UK
    As it is a split rim it will probably be pressed or spun, unlikely to be cast. I would weld it for 'track or motor sport' use, not for public highway. W/A
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