Awelco 160 mig?

  1. mosschops Member

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    Hi guys,
    Seen offer for this at a reasonable price, for sale in rep of ireland.
    Plan to weld mostly car bodywork or lighter gauge steel. Already have inverter stick welder for heavier stuff.
    Already been in touch with weldquip, he suggests clarke 160 or similar.
    One of my main problems is that i live in rep of ireland and delivery of anything bulky from U.K. tends to cost a lot.
    Anybody any experiences, comments good or bad with awelco, or would it be safer to go for a clarke model,
  2. Hitch

    Hitch Moderator Staff Member

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    I have one in my garage.
    A few pics in this thread

    Id not hesitate to say it is a great machine, for the price. Not sure on minimum settings, but it works fine on thin sheet.
    I cannot compare to the clarkes, not having used one.
  3. mosschops Member

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    Thanks hitch,
    Glad yours going well,
    will do some more research before commiting to buy
  4. Justme

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    Pwllheli Wales
    I have the 210amp one prob from the same place as mine came from Ireland too. Had it a few years now & done about 50kg of wire with it. Have done cars & tractors / light fabrication with it easily.

  5. scarecrow

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    Hears the 3 models I could find 190 160 120 the 190 looks like a fairly high spec machine with Euro Torch. the 160 and 190 go down as far as 25 amp which is pretty good let us know how you get on
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